Keanu Reeves, Before and After

Keanu Reeves is considered the saddest and loneliest actor in Hollywood. But this is not quite true. He’s just a serious philosopher. The Internet is full of statements about Keanu’s life and views on modern society and morality. And the fact that the actor is truly talented is evidenced by his extensive filmography – more… Read More »

Mike Tyson, Before and After

Mike Tyson is a professional American boxer who became famous for fighting in the heavyweight category. To date, he is the most popular boxer in the world and the absolute champion in his category. The athlete received the nickname “killer boxer” because of his style of behavior in the arena. Tyson became known for his… Read More »

Mena Suvari, Before and After

Mena Suvari has aged, got fat and does not look at all like her heroine from “American Beauty”. Let’s compare how did she look in her youth and how has her appearance changed now? Mena Suvari in her youth American actress Mena Suvari got her unusual surname from her father, who was Estonian. The mother… Read More »

Gordon Ramsay, Before and After

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous and influential chefs in the world. The owner of sixteen Michelin stars, which is an absolute record for the UK. He has published more than twenty collections of original recipes and educated a whole galaxy of talented students who now work in the best restaurants in the… Read More »

Matthew Dillon, Before and After

Having fixed his teeth, actor Matthew Dillon added to the list of his roles. Before: If you ask who was the main teen idol in the eighties, many will not hesitate to name Matthew Dillon. The actor, who starred in several really cult films in those years, was distinguished by a very extraordinary appearance. His… Read More »

Noel Gallagher, Before and After

Noel Gallagher’s riotous life has brought his teeth to a terrible state. Before: Noel Gallagher has always had a violent temper: he will fight with fans, then get drunk to death, then respond in an insulting way about a good half of famous musicians. If you add to this the love of all kinds of… Read More »

Mel Gibson, Before and After

Mel Gibson decided to radically change his image, starting with a smile. Before: Oscar winner Mel Gibson, it would seem, has never been a fan of changes in appearance. Since the release of the movie “Mad Max” and in the next thirty years of his career, Mel looked about the same, allowing himself only minor… Read More »

Russell Crowe, Before and After

Over the years, actor Russell Crowe has been putting his teeth to the test. But in the end, he turned to the dentist on the advice of the producers and got a Hollywood smile. Before: The future Oscar winner for his role in the film Gladiator has been known as an inveterate bully since childhood.… Read More »

Danny DeVito, Before and After

Actor Danny DeVito and his new smile. One of the most famous comedians conquered Hollywood with his facial expressions and smile. Before: A man of small stature, but of great talent — this is how Danny DeVito can be described. Not having a specialized education (few people know that Danny is a hairdresser by profession),… Read More »

Alyssa Milano, Before and After

To achieve a great smile, Alyssa Milano needed several stages of orthodontic treatment and the installation of veneers on her teeth. Before: From early childhood, Alyssa Milano attended famous Broadway productions: it was then that she firmly decided to become an actress, having received her first small role in a musical at the age of… Read More »