Alicia Douvall, Before and After

By | September 4, 2023

Alicia Douval managed to make a career as a model, star in several films and take part in the show. However, she gained fame thanks to her passion for plastic surgery. She changed her appearance with the help of surgeons more than 360 times.

Let’s see how Alicia Douvall looked in her youth and how her face and body changed after numerous plastic surgeries. Let’s compare the photos then and now.

Plastic surgery

Alicia Douvall started seeing a plastic surgeon at the age of 15 and has undergone more than 360 plastic surgeries, but is still dissatisfied with her appearance.

Breast augmentation

At a young age, Alicia decided to become a model. The girl had a pleasant appearance, but wanted to achieve the ideal. At the age of 15, she dreamed of big tits and without hesitation went under the knife of a plastic surgeon. She had breast augmentation surgery, but it didn’t seem enough, and this operation was followed by new ones.

By 2009, Alicia Douvall had already undergone 15 breast surgeries. Due to numerous surgical operations, the model stopped feeling the left breast and the area of the right armpit. In 2011, she became a mom for the second time and was even able to breastfeed her daughter Papaya, and after that boob job followed again.

Alicia has had 16 breast augmentation surgeries. During one of the operations, it became clear that she lacked her own skin. To simulate the desired volume and shape of the breast, the doctor decided to use pig skin.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

By nature, Alicia has a medium-sized nose. But she decided to adjust the shape of her nose. Before being satisfied with the result, she underwent several operations. In total, three implants were inserted.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Douvall said she was always on the lookout for change. For a long time she came to plastic surgeons and was just interested in what the specialist would like to change in her. It was not possible to achieve the perfect look of the eyelids for a long time. In total, blepharoplasty was performed 7 times.

Shortening of toes

The famous model admitted that even at the moment when she was thinking about this operation, she considered this idea delusional. But she couldn’t help myself. She was too annoyed by the fingers following the big ones, since they were longer than the first ones.

Shortening of the fingers occurred in 2010. It was extremely necessary for a woman to make them shorter than her thumbs. Alicia says she understood the absurdity of the operation, but hated her fingers, which, according to the model, were crooked, long and fit snugly to her thumbs.

Rib removal

Numerous liposuctions did not bring Alicia satisfaction. She still thought her waist was too wide. Therefore, in 2010, she decided to remove the two lower ribs in order to achieve a thin waist. After the operation, the plastic surgeon recommended to wear a special corset continuously for 6 months.

Buttock implants

In 2005, Alicia Douvall had implants inserted into her buttocks. And in 2015, the girl discovered a problem. A body scan showed that the implants had ruptured. In addition, severe pain did not allow her to sit even for 30 minutes.

According to Douvall, she had only two options: to stay with her buttocks hanging down or to fill the subcutaneous voids with fat. But she didn’t have any excess fat herself. He was pumped out with liposuction. After all, Alicia used donor fat.

According to the surgeon, if silicone from damaged implants got into the lymph node, an autoimmune disease could begin, which would not allow Alicia Douvall to fight diseases. In 2016, the buttock implants were removed, which left ugly scars.

Facial implants

Alicia has repeatedly enlarged her lips with fillers, and has had botox injections many times. According to Douvall, the installation of facial implants in the cheekbones, chin and forehead was supposed to turn her into a copy of Angelina Jolie. But the result of the operation turned out to be deplorable and became the most terrible test in the life of the model. The surgeon grazed the facial nerve, as a result of which Alicia could not speak and chew normally. But what bothered her most was that instead of being a Hollywood sex symbol, she began to resemble Frankenstein.

The correction only added to the problems. After her, the model could not breathe through her nose and smile. Most acutely, the victim of plastic surgery remembers how for the first time she held her second daughter Papaya in her arms, and could not smile because of atrophied facial nerves.

Naturally, Douvall did not want to live with such a face, so she decided to remove the implants. It was very difficult. Doctors had to break the patient’s jaw, pull the facial muscles on a special frame. In addition, the ears were clipped, and bolts fixing the jaw were inserted into the right side of the jaw. An incision was made under the nose in order to try to regain the lost smile. The ability to smile partially returned, but only on one side of the mouth.

Douvall says, “It’s hard for me to eat because I can’t feel my lips. I have to be extremely careful with hot drinks.” Photos of Alicia Douvall from this period are terrifying with the number of scars, swelling and bruising.

Crisis and struggle with addiction

Douvall became famous all over the world for her manic craving for plastic surgery. She left a huge amount of money in the clinics. The woman says that for this she had to work hard, ask for money from her boyfriends, save on everything, including food and travel.

Interestingly, her career was developing quite successfully at the same time, and the whole country knew about the celebrity’s high-profile affairs. Among her ex-boyfriends are world-class stars: Mickey Rourke, Puff Daddy, Dennis Rodman.

However, success failed to convince her of her own attractiveness. She went to plastic surgery clinics again and again. After a while, she admitted that she herself did not know what other operation she wanted to do. But the desire to change something in myself became more and more intrusive. Therefore, she made an appointment with surgeons to find out what they could advise her.

At some point, there was not a single practitioner left in the UK who was ready to take on a difficult client. Then she began to look for specialists in the USA. Alicia deliberately hid from them the number of operations that she had already undergone, fearing to receive a new refusal.

“I have long lost count of my plastic surgeries. But I’m sure there were more than 360 of them. Only the breast I have redone 16 times! I did nose job, blepharoplasty, facelift, liposuction, inserted implants in my buttocks and cheeks. I’ve had so many surgeries that some parts of my body have lost all sensitivity after them. I can no longer feel my stomach, left chest and right armpit area. But I’m still dissatisfied with my appearance and I can’t guarantee that I won’t fall under the surgeon’s scalpel again!” – said Alicia.

A huge number of operations led to the fact that, looking in the mirror, Alicia felt only stress and depression. Douvall was diagnosed with dysmorphic phobia – dissatisfaction with her own body, rejection of it. Three times the girl was treated in rehabilitation centers, where she tried to get rid of addiction.

According to Alicia, she managed to overcome her dependence on the scalpel, but this was preceded by a serious crisis. She even tried to commit suicide.

Alicia found the courage to declare to the whole country that her obsession with plastic surgery is nothing but a mental aberration. As an adult woman, she says that plastic surgery is a burden for life, because implants need to be changed. At a fairly mature age, Douvall said that it was a pity that no surgeon in her youth took her to a psychologist, but simply performed plastic surgery, disfiguring her young body and leaving scars.

Of course, now the model regrets that she became a victim of plastic surgery. Because of this, she is experiencing health problems. Alicia Douvall works hard on herself to finally learn to love and accept her body. She boldly talks about all her experiments and encourages everyone to think very carefully before changing themselves.

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