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Lauren Hutton, Before and After

Among the iconic models who changed the world of the modeling industry is the name Lauren Hutton. Her career peaked in the 1970s and 1980s. A cheerful blonde with a charming gap between her teeth set the trend for naturalness and uniqueness. Has Lauren Hutton had plastic surgery? Let’s see what the young Lauren Hutton… Read More »

Amy Winehouse, Before and After

The infamous British singer Amy Winehouse haunted the tabloids. Let’s compare how Amy looked before plastic surgery and how she changed after. See the photo. Breast augmentation (boob job) The British singer decided that larger breasts increase her chances of success in the world of pop music. The star needed any effective means that could… Read More »

Karl Lagerfeld, Before and After

Even if high fashion is not in your area of interest, you still know the name of this legendary fashion designer. His image is probably the most recognizable in the fashion world — an elegant man in dark glasses, a snow-white shirt and a black jacket, with gray hair pulled back in a ponytail. The… Read More »

Lara Stone, Before and After

Lara Stone is a model who became popular in the mid-2000s. Bouncing gait, prominent front teeth, androgyny and large breasts. Far from the classical canons of beauty, but the memorable Dutch model decorated magazine covers, participated in advertising campaigns and collaborated with well-known brands. Plastic surgery Supermodel Lara Stone has repeatedly admitted that she is… Read More »

Georgia May Jagger, Before and After

Georgia May Jagger is the youngest daughter of celebrities who has built a modeling career. The daughter of rock star Mick Jagger and 1970s supermodel Jerry Hall took the best from her parents. Georgia May, like her mother, became a sought-after model due to her sophisticated appearance. Georgia has amazed the USA with its natural… Read More »

Ashley Smith, Before and After

Ashley Smith was remembered by the public for her extraordinary appearance. Attention is attracted by full lips, a charming smile and a gap between teeth – a flaw that the girl dreamed of getting rid of all her childhood, but which eventually brought her worldwide popularity. Has Ashley Smith had plastic surgery? At the moment,… Read More »

Vanessa Paradis, Before and After

The style icon of the 1990s, Vanessa Chantal Paradis, remained for many years a model of sophistication and charm, winning the heart not only of Johnny Depp, but also of millions of fans. Let’s see how Paradis’s appearance has changed over time, and learn the beauty secrets of a real Frenchwoman. Plastic surgery One of… Read More »

Anna Paquin, Before and After

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin has been acting in films since early childhood. Let’s see how the star of the TV series “True Blood” used to look and how she changed after. Let’s compare the photos then and now. Plastic surgery Pure-blooded star Anna Paquin has never tried to fix anything in herself and claims… Read More »

David Guest, Before and After

David Guest became known to millions of people as the fourth husband of the famous Liza Minnelli. In addition, he is famous as one of the victims of plastic surgery. Let’s see how David looked before numerous cosmetic surgeries and how he changed after the installation of facial implants, rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, botox injections and… Read More »

David Hasselhoff, Before and After

David Hasselhoff, like other celebrities, resorted to plastic surgery. Let’s see how the brutal handsome from the TV series “Baywatch” looks today. Plastic surgery It is rumored that David has repeatedly asked surgeons to do a facelift and botox injections. These procedures helped the actor maintain his former forms, but the face became unnatural. Hasselhoff… Read More »