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Penelope Cruz, Before and After

“When she comes to a social event, everyone turns in her direction. Men forget about the ladies they came with, and look only at her. She has a truly hypnotic power, which is difficult to resist,” those who saw Penelope Cruz for the first time once said so. Did Penelope Cruz do a boob job?… Read More »

Anne Hathaway, Before and After

Anne Hathaway still outshines many actresses with her charm and talent. Her name regularly appears in the lists of the most popular Hollywood stars. She herself believes that she is the happiest woman in the world: she is lucky both in her career and in her personal life. Even her plastic surgeries are always successful.… Read More »

Sophia Loren, Before and After

Youth and beauty are not eternal, and ruthless time does not spare even the most beautiful and successful women. But Sophia Loren is an exception, she still delights numerous fans. At an advanced age, the actress has preserved a beautiful body and face. Sophia Loren in her youth The actress was born in Rome in… Read More »

Emmanuelle Beart, Before and After

People talk about French charm all the time. Emmanuelle Beart had all the signs of a true Frenchwoman before plastic surgery, but an unsuccessful trip to the clinic of aesthetic medicine destroyed the angelic beauty. Why did an attractive actress decide to take such a radical step? Emmanuelle Beart in her youth and now Charismatic… Read More »

Cindy Kimberly, Before and After

Today, this young girl is a real Instagram star. More than 6 million followers on her page, who are looking forward to every new photo from travel, filming, or fashion shows. Like in the Cinderella story, Cindy’s life changed in just one night, and in the morning she woke up famous. But we know that… Read More »

Jessica Alba, Before and After

Once upon a time, Jessica Alba was considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. However, something went wrong. The star of “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four” has ceased to enter the top of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. The actress complains that the reason is her not quite standard and slightly… Read More »

Katie Price, Before and After

The Playboy star decided to perfect her appearance, although at a young age she was not devoid of beauty. She got carried away and spent over $ 45 million on it. However, in the case of Katie Price, more does not mean better. It is increasingly difficult for a woman to keep herself in shape… Read More »

Elle Macpherson, Before and After

Popular Australian actress and model Elle Macpherson has been a recognized beauty icon for more than 35 years. How does she manage to remain so attractive? The secret is simple — a strict diet, regular fitness classes, and the services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Elle Macpherson in her youth The future model was born… Read More »

Heather Locklear, Before and After

Stars do not always age beautifully, even with all the opportunities and means. The actress Heather Locklear, famous for the TV series “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place”, lost her career due to bad habits and aged a lot. Numerous plastic surgeries do not cope with the consequences of addictions. Heather Locklear in her youth While studying… Read More »

Daryl Hannah, Before and After

When appearance is the main reason for the demand for an actress, then there is a high probability that the main nightmare of movie stars will be fulfilled – the fall in popularity and interest of directors and producers. Daryl Hannah was also afraid of such a development in her youth, but trying to prevent… Read More »