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Salma Hayek, Before and After

The figure of Salma Hayek is discussed in the media every year. Almost every new appearance of the star of “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” in public makes a grand impression on others. Salma not only manages to look young after 50 but also still causes envy among young girls. What plastic surgeries did… Read More »

Naomi Watts, Before and After

The star of the third season of the TV series “Twin Peaks” and the performer of the role of Princess Diana, Naomi Watts, has repeatedly expressed that she prefers natural beauty without the intervention of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. However, recently, age-related changes have appeared too clearly on the once perfectly smooth face. Naomi Watts… Read More »

Natalie Portman, Before and After

Even fans of everything natural are not averse to resorting to the help of plastic surgeons when it comes to their own appearance. An example of this is Natalie Portman, who, being a vegetarian and an adherent of organics, installed breast implants and changed the shape of her nose. Let’s find out what prompted her… Read More »

Gisele Bundchen, Before and After

Gisele Bundchen still conquers the catwalks, did photoshoots nude, and consistently keeps on the list of the highest-paid stars in the world. What kind of plastic surgeries did she do? Rhinoplasty Giselle has always assured that she came to the modeling business to help her family and have a chance to start her own business… Read More »

Joselyn Cano, Before and After

This hot American woman is a real Instagram star. More than 10 million people have subscribed to her page. Despite the fact that Joselyn Cano positions herself as an ardent fitness fan, her seductive body was created not only in the gym but also on the plastic surgeon’s table. Before and after plastic surgery There… Read More »

Tyra Banks, Before and After

Tyra Banks is a role model and an idol of millions of people around the world. Supermodel leads an inspiring Instagram and she honestly told fans about the fake appearance and the help of plastic surgery. Such a statement blew up social networks, she stunned the public. What plastic surgeries did Tyra Banks do? The… Read More »

Taylor Hill, Before and After

In the age of plastic surgery, it is often difficult to believe in the naturalness of the appearance, even if there are no visible signs of specialists in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology intervention. A vivid example of this is the young American Taylor Hill, who has been going on the catwalk for several years together… Read More »

Adele, Before and After

Adele has always said that her curvy forms are natural and beautiful. Moreover, she is a singer, not a top model. But she has lost weight and has become noticeably prettier. What has changed in the views of the star, and most importantly – with the help of what methods she managed to win over… Read More »

Avril Lavigne, Before and After

Some years ago, this singer was the idol of millions of teenagers around the world, and her songs were at the top of the charts. But due to a serious illness, she had to take a long break in her career. During this time, she transformed her image and even had plastic surgery. Let’s remember… Read More »

Heidi Klum, Before and After

Model, actress, presenter, businesswoman, mother of four children, the dream of men, and just a gorgeous woman Heidi Klum has not lost her popularity for many years. During this time, a lot has changed in her life, including her appearance. What kind of plastic surgeries did she do? Heidi Klum in her youth and now… Read More »