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Dolly Parton, Before and After

Singer, actress, bright blonde Dolly Parton is not influenced by time. Now this gorgeous woman is as cheerful and beautiful as a few decades ago. She is not going to leave the stage as long as she can do plastic surgery and wear high-heeled shoes. Dolly Parton as a young Star was born in 1946… Read More »

Drew Barrymore, Before and After

Drew Barrymore positions herself as a proponent of natural aging and does not accept the correction of appearance with the help of plastic surgery. But, she began to speak out against it after she took advantage of the achievements of aesthetic medicine. Biography Drew Barrymore was born in 1975 in California. In the family, all… Read More »

Kylie Jenner, Before and After

Kylie Jenner is one of those girls whose activities can be talked about endlessly. She appears at star parties, actively leads Instagram, appears in TV shows and commercials, produces clothes and cosmetics under her own name, and travels a lot. She became the youngest billionaire according to Forbes. She has had a large number of… Read More »

Denise Richards, Before and After

Looking at the photo of a young Denise Richards, you understand why she was considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Expressive blue eyes, wide, effectively curved eyebrows, slightly upturned nose, a clear oval face, neat cheekbones, full lips. It’s impossible to look away from such a face. Biography The charming blonde even… Read More »

Kate Hudson, Before and After

Kate Hudson knows that getting recognized is doubly difficult when you’re the daughter of a famous actress. But the Hollywood blonde managed to avoid being compared to Goldie Hawn’s mother. Kate showed incredible performance, revealed her creative abilities and created her own image. As the photos before and after, plastic surgery went to the star… Read More »

Kate Beckinsale, Before and After

Kate Beckinsale looks amazing! Nobody knows about the secrets of her beauty. She answers numerous questions that it is all about proper nutrition and sports. But fans claim that the beauty of the star was created by the skillful hands of plastic surgeons. Beauty transformation In relation to his appearance, the girl has no complexes… Read More »

Renee Zellweger, Before and After

Renee Zellweger lost her natural charm after plastic surgery: her cheeks disappeared, the shape of her eyes changed, and even the shape of her chin changed. Bloggers, fans and journalists immediately passed an unflattering verdict – the actress has changed beyond recognition. Career Awkward Bridget Jones became a symbol of the era. In the 2000s,… Read More »

Lindsay Lohan, Before and After

Ex-face of Louis Vuitton, a business owner in Greece and the UAE, member of the alcoholics anonymous club and prisoner – contradictory and true characteristics of the popular actress Lindsay Lohan. Her destructive lifestyle greatly affected appearance, and she tried to correct the consequences with the help of a plastic surgeon. Biography Lindsay Lohan was… Read More »

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Before and After

From early childhood, the Olsen twins charmed viewers of the TV series “Full house”. After eight years of showing the sitcom in Hollywood, they became very popular, and in the 2000s, the sisters were included in the list of “100 celebrities” according to Forbes. Unfortunately, early fame did not go to Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller… Read More »

Megan Fox, Before and After

Megan Fox is a popular Hollywood actress and fashion model, one of the most beautiful women of our time. In full accordance with the era, she does not refuse to use the achievements of modern cosmetology and plastic surgery. If you carefully look at the photos and screen images of the star, you can say… Read More »