Lara Stone, Before and After

By | March 18, 2024

Lara Stone is a model who became popular in the mid-2000s. Bouncing gait, prominent front teeth, androgyny and large breasts. Far from the classical canons of beauty, but the memorable Dutch model decorated magazine covers, participated in advertising campaigns and collaborated with well-known brands.

Plastic surgery

Supermodel Lara Stone has repeatedly admitted that she is criticized because of her unusual appearance and she often has to prove that she is not ugly. Indeed, Stone is different from the classic beauties. The girl has a sharp, slightly forked chin, a wide nose and a gap between her teeth.

In addition, Lara differed from other models in that she had a beautiful female figure, and not anorexia. She often suffered about this, as many called her fat. Months spent on strict diets did not lead to anything good. Only then did the model realize the beauty of her own body and stopped paying attention to the opinions of others.

After the Dutch model became a mother, she could not get rid of excess weight, and stretch marks appeared on her body. But Stone wasn’t upset about it at all, which she shared with fans in her candid photoshoot.

Has Lara had plastic surgery?

To date, there is no information about the operations and cosmetic procedures of the model. She probably hasn’t had breast augmentation surgery yet, liposuction, buttock lift, rhinoplasty (nose job), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), facelift, botox injections and fillers. Besides, she’s been doing without implants for now. But we’ll see what happens next. Will she want to make her face more sculpted, for example, adjust her cheekbones or enlarge her lips?


Lara Stone boasts an imperfect smile, which is the envy of many. The gap between the teeth, or diastema, as dentists call it, is considered by many tribes of Africa to be a symbol of female beauty. And how are things in Europe and America? The fashion for gaps between teeth has taken over the modeling business. “People wanted to see unusual faces, imperfect, but at the same time original, distinguished by their dissimilarity,” explains the editor of a fashion magazine.

There is a growing need for unusual, memorable faces in the modeling business. Fashion designers, inspired by the images of Brigitte Bardot and other style icons popular in the 1970s, who became famous for their gaps between teeth, persistently demand models with an imperfect smile for their shows.

Then and now

Lara Stone is a Dutch model who has become famous for her unique appearance. She was called “the modern Brigitte Bardot.” What does the legendary supermodel look like now? You won’t recognize her.

Lara attracted the attention of modeling agencies in the early 2000s. Her unusual and authentic facial features, including the characteristic gap between her front teeth, have attracted the interest of designers and photographers. She was called a young copy of Brigitte Bardot — and they really are very similar.

During her career, the Dutch model has received several prestigious titles and awards. Lara Stone’s collaboration with various fashion houses and brands has continued over the years. She participated in many fashion shows, was the face of advertising campaigns and often appeared on the covers of famous magazines. She became the seventh richest model in the world, according to Forbes magazine in 2012.

How does the legend of the modeling industry look and live now? The pictures of Lara Stone are terrifying — the famous model does not look like herself at all. Despite the fact that the supermodel turned only 40 in 2023, she looks much older than her years.


Age-related changes in Lara, facial wrinkles, deepened nasolabial fold, drooping corners of the eyes and mouth are noticeable. In general, it seems that the model does not take care of herself and does not care much about her appearance.

Stone’s fashionable image cannot be called successful either. An outdated jacket with rolled—up sleeves, a bright orange dress and black sandals — the image looks rustic and old-fashioned.

Where did that beauty who delighted everyone with her attractiveness go? Fans hope that it’s just pregnancy with a second child that affected the appearance of the star so much — and soon she will again become the beauty that the whole world was crazy about.

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