Annabelle Wallis, Before and After

This British-born actress is often called the perfect woman. Attractive appearance, noticeable talent, good manners, and even the right background for the film industry-the blonde is the niece of the actor Richard Harris. However, Annabelle Wallis was not quite happy with her appearance and did the nose job. Although, before rhinoplasty, she had a special… Read More »

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Before and After

Catherine Zeta-Jones became very popular after the release of the film “The Mask of Zorro”. She was repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful woman on the planet. At the age of 34, she won an Oscar. And at 50, she could well have the title of the most luxurious actress of the age. How does… Read More »

Pamela Anderson, Before and After

The decision to make an impressive appearance even more spectacular came to Pamela’s mind immediately after shooting for the famous Playboy magazine. The gorgeous blonde perfected her look and instantly won the hearts of men in every corner of the planet. Pamela Anderson in her youth The girl’s family did not stand out among the… Read More »

Melanie Griffith, Before and After

Melanie Griffith is a well-known American actress with a rich creative past. Once upon a time, her appearance – the epitome of beauty and perfection – delighted fans. However, over time, the face of the Hollywood star has changed beyond recognition. Age-related changes and the constant beauty transformation have led to the fact that before… Read More »

Demi Moore, Before and After

Demi Moore is not only rich, famous and beautiful, but she also looks much younger than her years. She managed to realize the American dream despite a difficult childhood and not a perfect appearance. It is believed that the actress spent more than half a million dollars to improve her appearance. She did a breast… Read More »

Rumer Willis, Before and After

Rumer Willis has endured ridicule and mockery of her appearance since childhood and dreamed of the day when she would be able to change everything. And the hour struck! She corrected the unfortunate facial features and immediately fell under the sights of the cameras. Rumer Willis as a child Jokes about Rumer’s peculiar appearance were… Read More »

Madonna, Before and After

It seemed that this insanely talented and eccentric singer could no longer surprise the audience. Candid outfits, bold clips, romances with young handsome men — all these fans have already seen. But the beauty transformations of Madonna in 2020, many plunged into shock. Let’s see what the star did to herself this time and what… Read More »

Lara Flynn Boyle, Before and After

Lara Flynn Boyle is one of those actresses whose face is almost impossible to recognize before and after plastic surgery. And her passion for beauty transformation which began in the 00s is not entirely clear. After all, she was always considered an attractive woman and showed great promise at the beginning of her career, acting… Read More »

Meg Ryan, Before and After

In her youth, Meg Ryan was on the list of the sexiest and most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the years take their toll, and beauty is a thing of the past. But she is not going to put up with age and is waging a war on wrinkles. Meg Ryan in her youth and… Read More »

Jennifer Grey, Before and After

Today, the name Jennifer Grey is almost unrecognizable to viewers. This actress is best known for her legendary role as Baby (Frances Houseman) in the cult film Dirty Dancing. The huge popularity of the film opened all the doors for Grey in the film industry, but she disposed of the chance in a different way.… Read More »