Anna Nicole Smith, Before and After

A girl from a simple American family, a stripper, a Playboy model, a cover girl, the wife of an elderly oil magnate, a model, an actress, a mother. All this is an ambiguous person — Anna Nicole Smith. A short biography of Nicole Smith confirms a wise saying – dreams tend to come true. All… Read More »

Marysol Patton, Before and After

Marysol Patton, despite the fact that her famous mother became another victim of plastic surgery due to excessive enthusiasm for cosmetic surgery, is not afraid to repeat her fate. Marysol constantly enlarges her lips and changes the shape of her face, considering such actions as attempts to preserve youth. Let’s compare how she looked in… Read More »

Elsa Patton, Before and After

This is not a horror movie character, this is another victim of plastic surgery who decided that it was better to become a silicone monster than to be covered with wrinkles. Elsa Patton is a participant of the American reality show “The Real Housewives of Miami”, a socialite and the clearest example of the fact… Read More »

Michaela Romanini, Before and After

Michaela Romanini is one of the most famous victims of plastic surgery on the planet. The eccentric Italian for the time being did not attract the attention of journalists. But everything changed after she decided that she didn’t look attractive enough. To begin with, she corrected the shape of her lips, then began experimenting with… Read More »

Sydne Rome, Before and After

American actress Sydne Rome was known all over the world. Toned athletic body, blue eyes and perfect facial features made the girl a star. The desire to remain popular and attract the eyes of millions led Sydne to plastic surgeons. The actress began her struggle for youth with botox. But that wasn’t enough and, deciding… Read More »

Madalina Ghenea, Before and After

Madalina Ghenea is not as famous as many of her fellow models and actresses, but any beauty will envy her appearance. Incredibly seductive, tall, spectacular girl was born to become a fashion model, shine on red carpets and turn the heads of famous men. Did she have plastic surgery? Let’s compare how she looked in… Read More »

Eiza Gonzalez, Before and After

Eiza is a good example of how plastic surgery changes people’s appearance for the better, on one condition — if you don’t get too carried away with it and approach it wisely. Let’s compare the “before and after” photos. Eiza Gonzalez in her youth Eiza was born in January 1990 in Mexico City. The Mexican… Read More »

Kenny Rogers, Before and After

The American singer and film actor is a regular participant in the anti-rating of stars terrifying with numerous plastic surgeries. Yes, Kenny admitted that he lost in the battle for youth as soon as he made the first unsuccessful facelift in 2006. But today the actor could lead the list of “the most beautifully aging… Read More »

Elon Musk, Before and After

Elon Musk is a personality that arouses huge media interest all over the world. Naturally, any metamorphoses in the billionaire’s appearance could not escape the public. Did Elon Musk have a hair transplant? Baldness with age is characteristic of many men. But not everyone agrees to accept themselves in a new form, and even more… Read More »

Jacqueline Stallone, Before and After

Apparently, in an effort to match the status of the mother of a famous son, she subjected herself to numerous plastic surgeries. Although doctors, knowing her allergic reaction to some medications, advised Jacqueline not to overdo the procedures. Botox injections, facelift, blepharoplasty, lip volume increase in the end did not bring her the desired result.… Read More »