About Us

The Beautyredactor.com project was created for people of all ages, professions and nationalities.

We are inspired by the beauty of celebrities, therefore, we are trying to learn their secrets of beauty and youth. That’s why we are building a collection of beautiful celebrities and famous people from all around the world.

We want to learn about the skincare cosmetic products they use, diets, workouts, and plastic surgery. Thanks to the achievements of modern cosmetology, almost any appearance problem can be solved by achieving an aesthetic result.

Our team does collecting photographic evidence. We carefully analyze pictures before and after changes in appearance. And when we find anything unnatural, we’ll post it.

Comparing, their different features on faces and bodies you’ll see the celebrity’s transformation happening before your eyes. Starting from their childhood days, before they were famous and how they look now.

We take into account the parameters that can change the facial features and shape of the human body: age, makeup, hairstyle, outfit, angles in the photo.

All material is based on a comparative analysis of photographs and does not contain a statement of the fact of plastic surgery.

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