Vanessa Paradis, Before and After

By | March 4, 2024

The style icon of the 1990s, Vanessa Chantal Paradis, remained for many years a model of sophistication and charm, winning the heart not only of Johnny Depp, but also of millions of fans. Let’s see how Paradis’s appearance has changed over time, and learn the beauty secrets of a real Frenchwoman.

Plastic surgery

One of the most famous actresses and singers in France, whose career began in adolescence, claims that she has never turned to plastic surgeons. According to Vanessa Paradis, she does not feel uncomfortable about her appearance, because she does not work in Hollywood and does not feel pressure from the outside.

Vanessa is on the list of women who deliberately do not resort to cosmetic surgery. But she believes that in this way it is possible to correct defects in appearance. For example, you can improve your facial features with rhinoplasty (nose surgery), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), or get the desired size of boobs with implants and breast augmentation surgery. And if we talk about attempts to rejuvenate and turn back time, then she is categorically against it.

The star is philosophical about age. At least she still denies botox, fillers and a facelift. But she once said that she dreams of big breasts.

Did Vanessa do a boob job?

Singer Vanessa Paradis has always been a slender woman with petite breasts. Johnny Depp’s ex-lover has absolutely no complexes about her small breasts. She is so small that sometimes, under voluminous outfits, it seems as if nature has completely deprived Vanessa of boobs. However, Paradis never sought to see a surgeon to insert implants. On the contrary, she did not hesitate to once again show off her tits while sunbathing topless.


Vanessa Paradis traditionally takes the first place among the owners of crooked teeth. She has been the subject of heated discussions more than once. It’s all about the pronounced gap between the front upper teeth (diastema). But the aesthetic defect does not frighten the famous French woman. The star considers his main feature to be an unusual smile. However, with age, the famous gap between the teeth stopped looking charming.

Vanessa Paradis was repeatedly called upon to get rid of diastema in the 1990s, but the girl stubbornly refused such advice. Despite her defect, Vanessa was able to win the heart of Johnny Depp and the house of Chanel, which made her the face of Coco fragrance.

Stars are usually associated with the most careful care of their appearance – fitness, diets, cosmetology, plastic surgery, spending millions on dentists. But Vanessa Paradis has never been shy about a large diastema between her teeth and still refuses to correct it.

However, she can serve as an example to others. If in her youth the gap between her teeth really seemed like a cute feature, then when Vanessa reached a more mature age, her smile began to look simply repulsive. It seems as if the actress had a piece of her tooth knocked out. To be honest, her gap between her front teeth is really too big. As if there should be another tooth in place of this gap.

Then and now

Vanessa Paradis is a French film actress, model and muse of many famous designers. Possessing a very unusual appearance, she is still one of the most popular beauties in the world. We decided to follow how the image of the famous Frenchwoman changed over time.

Vanessa was born on December 22, 1972 in the Paris suburb of Saint-Maur-de-Fosse. Her parents worked in the field of show business. At the initiative of her uncle, Vanessa appeared on television at the age of 7. However, the future star began her career not as an actress, but as a singer. At the age of 15, she released her first platinum album. At the same time, Vanessa took part in the shooting of an advertising campaign for the Coco fragrance of the Chanel brand. Around the same age, Vanessa’s acting abilities were revealed. The girl made her debut in the film “Elise” with Gerard Depardieu. After that, the whole world began to follow the life of the Frenchwoman. After all, Vanessa has become not only the most talented and charming actress and model among directors and designers, but also the lover of the sexiest handsome man in Hollywood, Johnny Depp.


In the 1990s, the actress preferred brown lipsticks and slightly visible “smoky eyes” makeup in a gray-brown range. But even without makeup, Vanessa looked seductive thanks to her innate French chic. Until the early 2000s, the star had a haircut that effectively framed her sharp features, and grew long curls again.






In the 2000s, Vanessa stopped straightening her curls. At the same time, she changed her natural hair color and dyed it dark brown. In addition, the star stopped wearing brown shades of lipsticks and began to prefer red and wine.






From 2010 to 2015, Vanessa Paradis’s image underwent many metamorphoses. With each appearance on the red carpet, the actress surprised fans and critics more and more. The star could straighten her wavy locks or curl them even more.

In 2012, Vanessa broke up with Johnny Depp and, like all girls after a breakup, decided to start her life with a radical image change. The star cut her long hair and had a short haircut, which greatly aged the darling of millions.


After recovering from a difficult divorce from Johnny Depp, starting in 2016, Paradis grew her beautiful blond curls and became noticeably prettier. Along with the hairstyle, the makeup has also changed. Vanessa began to prefer naturalness more and more, using only blush, mascara, light smoky eyes shadows and lipsticks in a pastel brown range.


Vanessa’s beauty is definitely not for everyone. She is extraordinary and unconventional. Asthenic body type does not imply excess weight, swelling and a second chin. Therefore, now the actress looks her age and sometimes, when she tries for cameras and the public, a little younger.

After watching Vanessa’s interview on the topic of beauty, it becomes clear that she has no secrets of preserving youth. The main thing is to sleep, drink a lot of water and be in a good mood. In addition, facial massage is part of a mandatory self-care ritual.

In everyday life, Paradis prefers to go without makeup and dress like an ordinary woman.


Looking at the 2019 photo, I noticed one facial feature. Namely, the habit of pursing and hiding her lips.

What can this obsessive habit lead to? To a wrinkled chin with a network of small wrinkles, instead of a smooth, even skin surface. And instead of elegant lips, thin threads will remain. Let’s not do this.

Let’s take a look at the photos of the actress. There are wrinkles and nasolabial folds on the face. Everything is as natural as possible, without botox and fillers.

Paradis definitely destroys the myth of elegance and innate taste of French women. The angelic appearance of the celebrity was lost among the wrinkles and unkempt appearance. You can only recognize Paradis by the characteristic gap between the teeth.

Just a few visits from a competent cosmetologist, high-quality care and a more elegant style would allow the actress to regain her unique French charm.

But there is something fascinating, catchy, which makes you look away from the facial wrinkles and flaws created by age and see in Vanessa an attractive woman with a trail of life, who has already entered the history of an entire generation.

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