Anna Paquin, Before and After

By | April 8, 2024

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin has been acting in films since early childhood. Let’s see how the star of the TV series “True Blood” used to look and how she changed after. Let’s compare the photos then and now.

Plastic surgery

Pure-blooded star Anna Paquin has never tried to fix anything in herself and claims that this would limit her acting abilities. Anna is sure that most women, like herself, would like to change something in themselves: the shape of their teeth, the size of their hands or the color of their eyes. But, according to the actress, the body obtained after such corrections limits the possibilities in performing different roles.

“With perfect looks, you can only play modern people,” explains Paquin. Moreover, the star considers it a manifestation of tactlessness and rudeness to ask why she did not go to the dentist to fix her teeth.


Anna Paquin has asymmetrical lips. The girl has a strong lip tilt to the left side, and therefore, when Anna smiles, it seems that she is grinning.


Why does the actress flatly refuse to visit the dentist and put braces or veneers?

The star of the TV series “True Blood” has never been shy about her gap between her teeth (diastema). Anna is sure that her peculiarity helped her achieve good roles.

In an interview, Paquin stated that she hates being asked questions about her smile. At the same time, she has no plans to get rid of the gap between her front teeth. This feature does not affect her health in any way.

However, the diastema can be easily corrected with the help of special dental systems. But Anna Paquin, who does not just flaunt the huge gap between her front teeth, negatively treats any hints of this flaw. She doesn’t even pay much attention to the beauty of her teeth – there are many photos where the actress has different tooth colors and defects in their shape. For some reason, the girl likes the natural yellow color much more than bleaching or lightening after hygienic cleaning.

Anna is very proud of her appearance and is in no hurry to get rid of dental defects. When she is asked why she does not want to have her teeth corrected by a doctor, she is offended. She thinks it’s rude.

Anna Paquin, like Vanessa Paradis, is sure that the gap between the front teeth is a feature of her image, not a disadvantage. Some stars even turn it into a virtue of appearance. Designers and critics are very fond of models with a diastema, they consider it the height of elegance. For example, the American model Ashley Smith.


Natural brunette Anna Paquin had to change her hair into a blonde for a long time for filming in “True Blood”. However, in 2014, when the series came to its logical conclusion and filming ended, the main characters of the project were finally able to change their hair color and haircuts. Previously, this was prohibited by their contract.

One of the first to experiment was Anna Paquin, who turned from a blonde into a real sea mermaid. The actress’s head was decorated with curls of a blue-purple shade with turquoise strands.

The celebrity informed her subscribers about the drastic change in her image on the social network, where she posted two photos.

We are already used to such transformations of stars. But no one expected that Anna would join the number of fans of multicolored hair.

What do you think about Paquin’s metamorphoses?


We present to you the inimitable Anna Paquin with her flawless and attractive figure. Every image, every pose, every movement of this woman is a source of exciting harmony and elegance. Anna’s figure effectively combines slimness, grace and beauty, making us freeze with admiration and inspiration. Discover the world of art and sophistication of Anna Paquin’s figure and the endless possibilities that the elegance of her physique opens up.

What happened to Anna Paquin?

The star appeared at the event for the first time in a year and a half. Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer attended the premiere of the film “A Bit of Light” on April 3, 2024 in New York. Fans noted that Anna looked great in the image of Total Black. However, she appeared at the event with a cane. This detail in her image made fans worried.

As it turned out, for the last two years, the actress has been struggling with a disease that affects speech and the musculoskeletal system. Paquin herself reported this in a conversation with journalists, but still did not name the exact diagnosis.


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