Anna Nicole Smith, Before and After

By | September 6, 2022

A girl from a simple American family, a stripper, a Playboy model, a cover girl, the wife of an elderly oil magnate, a model, an actress, a mother. All this is an ambiguous person — Anna Nicole Smith.

A short biography of Nicole Smith confirms a wise saying – dreams tend to come true. All the desires of the actress and model came true, but she had to pay for it with the loss of beauty and health.

Anna Nicole Smith’s real name is Vickie Lynn Hogan. The famous fashion model, who wanted to achieve the fame of Marilyn Monroe, achieved her goal. She didn’t look like a blonde charmer who drove men crazy, but she had the same charming smile. Plastic surgery turned Anna Nicole into a copy of her idol. She became famous, fate turned to her the most beautiful side, brought wealth to a woman.


The actress and TV presenter was born on November 28, 1967, in a small town in Texas. The mother of the future model Virgie Tabers was an employee of the police station, her father Donald Eugene Hogan was a small clerk. His career was not going well, warm feelings for his wife quickly faded. A wife with a small child in her arms needed financial investments, and Donald solved the problem unexpectedly and radically. He just disappeared, leaving the family on the verge of survival. Virgie was saved by her sister, she stayed with the child, her mother managed to work at this time.

During her school years, Vickie did not shine with success, because she did not have the proper attention and perseverance. But the girl had a well-developed imagination, loved to dream. Vickie needed parental warmth, but her busy mom couldn’t pay enough attention to her. Then the girl imagined that her real mother was a beautiful blonde Marilyn Monroe. She wanted to look like a screen star, but nature ordered otherwise. The girl grew rapidly, her height quickly became tall, from blonde she turned into a brown-haired woman, and her breasts remained small and flat.

Life did not please Vickie, she suffered from an inferiority complex. To cope with the feeling of inferiority, the girl got a job in a cafe. Here she met her love.

The young man’s name was Billy Smith, a couple in love decided to start a family. Vickie was only 18 years old at that time. Soon the young family celebrated the birth of a child, the tiny son was named Daniel. Billy could not stand the burden of responsibility associated with the appearance of the baby. His love turned out to be short, just like Vickie’s father, he abandoned the family to the mercy of fate.

The young woman was terrified of repeating her mother’s story. She immediately went to work at a local strip bar. The young dreamer, who did not abandon her dreams, hoped to acquire solid capital in a short time. But the woman was mistaken, all her efforts were in vain, Vickie was not successful.

The management of the bar quickly put her on the list of unpromising employees, the men hardly paid attention to the tall, flat-chested stripper. The last blow of fate was the transfer of the girl to the day shift, her work brought the institution too little profit. But it was this “demotion” in status that became a happy ticket to secure life for Vickie. One of the bar’s patrons, an elderly wheelchair user, fell in love with a tall beauty.

This man was not easy. James Howard Marshall II, at one time, achieved great success, managed to become a major oil magnate. Professor, lecturer of legal law, member of the Government of the United States in his youth was popular with women. When the man met Vickie, he was 85 years old, but he was not tired of enjoying life.

James liked curvy female forms, he supported Vickie in her quest to have breast augmentation surgery. The man was not embarrassed by any expenses, he always tried to please the chosen one.

Marshall turned Vickie’s life into a real fairy tale, under his influence, the girl blossomed, turning into a written beauty. James and Vickie tried not to part with each other. The generous girl gave the man her warmth and tenderness, the oilman enjoyed her freshness, youth. The relationship between them was more friendly than loving, but it suited both partners. Vickie finally got what she dreamed of as a child – care, friendly participation, paternal care, financial provision.


Vickie changed her appearance — dyed her hair, became blonde, had breast augmentation surgery and turned out to be surprisingly similar to Marilyn Monroe. A fan, aware of the dreams of his chosen one, insisted on her participation in the “Cover Girl” contest. The contest between the beauties was held by Playboy magazine, Vickie became its undisputed winner.

In the infamous publication, a photo of Vickie in a catchy tight-fitting outfit appeared. Paul Marciano, the head of the Guess trademark, highly appreciated the promising girl, invited a bright beauty to work in advertising. With the light hand of a famous entrepreneur, she changed her name to a pseudonym, which became Anna Nicole. The Smith surname went to the model from her first husband. In print, she was increasingly called the new Marilyn Monroe.

The staff of Playboy magazine also did not forget about the sultry blonde. At the end of 1992, they contacted Anna, offered her to shoot for their publication in the nude. The young woman accepted the tempting offer, having previously secured Marshall’s consent. As a result, Nicole Smith received the title of “Sexiest girl of the Year” and a new portion of popularity.

Since the mid-1990s, Anna began acting in films. In the autobiographical film “Secrets of Anna Nicole Smith”, a talented woman showed herself in three guises — as an actress, director, and producer. For a long time, she was also a TV presenter of the program “Talkshow with Anna Nicole”.

In the early 2000s, the appearance of a bright beauty changed beyond recognition. She began to gain weight quickly. There were several reasons – alcohol abuse, antidepressants, constant overeating. Diets, medications, plastic surgery – Anna has tried all possible ways to combat obesity. But none of these effective methods helped her.

Personal life

Anna turned her unsuccessful first marriage to her advantage. After the divorce from the fugitive Smith, the woman married her longtime admirer Marshall. During a year of living with a young beauty, an elderly husband managed to shower her with expensive gifts, for an hour in a jewelry store he could spend up to $ 2 million on jewelry for Anna. A year later, the husband died before he could write Anna into his will.

Anna Nicole Smith with James Howard Marshall II

After that, the young widow was expected to have a long lawsuit over Marshall’s huge inheritance with his son Pierce. The process lasted 11 years, after the death of Pierce, Anna turned out to be the winner, who took possession of the coveted millions.

Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead

In 2006, the woman gave birth to a daughter, Dannylin. The father of the child was photographer Larry Birkhead, Anna’s lover. At the same time, the actress’ son died of a drug overdose, the tragedy occurred right in the maternity hospital where his mother was.

Anna Nicole Smith with her son

Anna, barely recovering from the blow, after a while married Howard K. Stern, her lawyer.

Anna Nicole Smith with Howard K. Stern

Cause of death

Family happiness was short-lived, in the winter of 2007, the actress died suddenly. At that time she was only 39 years old. Doctors diagnosed an inflammatory process in the lungs. With the filing of the model’s mother, her husband Howard came under suspicion, who allegedly poisoned his wife and her son. A grief-stricken elderly woman demanded justice. A lot of medications and antidepressants were found in the house, but they could not prove the lawyer’s guilt. The only heiress of the actress was recognized as her little daughter.

The rich heiress immediately had several contenders for the role of father. All competitors were defeated by Larry Birkhead. With the help of DNA testing, he managed to win his daughter back from the impostors. He settled with his daughter in Kentucky.

Currently, Danny has already managed to star in a commercial, the directors note that this girl inherited acting talent from her mother. The baby had a congenital defect – strabismus, but when she underwent surgery, the little model’s face immediately became prettier.

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