Lauren Hutton, Before and After

By | March 29, 2024

Among the iconic models who changed the world of the modeling industry is the name Lauren Hutton. Her career peaked in the 1970s and 1980s. A cheerful blonde with a charming gap between her teeth set the trend for naturalness and uniqueness.

Has Lauren Hutton had plastic surgery? Let’s see what the young Lauren Hutton looked like and how she changed after.

Then and now

Legendary model and actress Lauren Hutton was born in 1943 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Hutton’s career began in the 1960s. The beautiful Lauren started with the modeling business. She was lucky right away, and soon she could boast of appearing on the cover of glossy magazines. During her cinematic career, Hutton played in more than seventy films.


In the 1980s, Hutton’s modeling career began to decline. However, Lauren has appeared on screens and on television.

Her triumphant return to the modeling business took place in the 1990s. Lauren Hutton’s photographs have once again graced the covers of fashion magazines.

They say Lauren Hutton doesn’t age. In 2008, a sixty-five-year-old model ventured to become the face of an advertising campaign for a brand of youth clothing. She posed superbly for photographers in light silk dresses, tight knitted vests and tight trousers. And few people could have guessed that this youthful and slender woman was in her seventh decade. So Lauren Hutton managed to prove that fashion, like female beauty, has no age.


Plastic surgery

We are already used to the fact that stars regularly undergo cosmetic surgery in order to look better and younger. We are not surprised by the “new” nose after rhinoplasty, breast and buttock implants or the plump lips of celebrities. However, even among famous women, there are those who refuse facelifts, botox injections and fillers.

Lauren Hutton did not fix the gap between her teeth in her youth and perform plastic surgery in adulthood. According to her, Lauren owes her beautiful appearance to coconut oil, which she has been using instead of cream since she was 22 years old.

The top model of the 1970s is proud of her wrinkles. She accepts her beauty in its natural form and refuses to think about cosmetic surgery. Wrinkles are medals for the experience, she says. They show what happened to us and who we were. If you do surgery, you lose part of your past.

Lauren has always been a proponent of natural beauty. She has never had plastic surgery. Hutton believes that aging is normal and seeing wrinkles in the reflection in the mirror is also normal. And Botox makes faces look fake.



Many people, including many celebrities, have an ugly gap between their front teeth — a diastema. This phenomenon has not spared the fashion industry. Back in the 1960s, actress and model Lauren Hutton, with her gorgeous smile, began to conquer the heights of fame. Since then, the number of models with diastema has been steadily growing.

Lauren Hutton admitted that everyone advised her to get rid of the ugly gap between her front teeth, but braces seemed very uncomfortable to the girl.

However, the gap between her teeth did not interfere with Lauren’s modeling career. Her smile is known all over the world. It was with Hutton that the trend for models with diastema began.


Beauty Secrets

“Changing women’s attitudes towards aging has been my mission in recent years. As women age, they can and should be beautiful and vibrant in every sense,” says Lauren.


Active lifestyle and diet

“You need to enjoy life every day. Don’t give up sex, it’s stupid, and love, love and love again. I’m always on the move. I do Pilates for an hour every day. I tried diving to lose weight and got involved. Hiking in the mountains for the whole day has a good effect on the heart and complexion.

As for the diet, I try not to mix simple carbohydrates and proteins. I eat meat with vegetables, or rice or quinoa with vegetables. Somehow it works. When I mix everything in a pile, I immediately start to get fat.

The ideal breakfast is eggs with bacon and a piece of wholegrain bread. I’m skipping lunch. Instead, a couple of light snacks. I always have bananas or a pear on hand. For dinner, I like to cook pasta with tomatoes, mint, hot pepper and orange sauce.

I drink a lot of water, 8 glasses a day at least. I keep water on both sides of the bed, in the car, in all my purses.” says Lauren.

Skin and hair care

“For a long time, I just washed my face with soap and water and applied moisturizer. But in recent years, I’ve discovered retinol. I apply the product with it to the skin before going to bed under a moisturizer. It’s like a combination under an evening dress. It is necessary! I also use jojoba oil. It’s quite inexpensive. I rub it on my hair and body after a shower, just stand for a few minutes and let it soak in,” says Lauren.


Make up

“I’ve never understood women who spend an hour in the bathroom doing makeup. 15 minutes is my maximum, just like 50 years ago. I do not believe in “anti-aging makeup” and I think that beauty is related to health, and dense creams and powders, on the contrary, mask it.

I just make my face fresher: a little concealer under the eyes and a straight line down the nose. This helps to correct the shape of the nose. Then I emphasize my eyebrows with a pencil. And the final touch is the lips. I tint the inside of my lips with a darker pencil,” says Lauren.

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