Ashley Smith, Before and After

By | March 8, 2024

Ashley Smith was remembered by the public for her extraordinary appearance. Attention is attracted by full lips, a charming smile and a gap between teeth – a flaw that the girl dreamed of getting rid of all her childhood, but which eventually brought her worldwide popularity.

Has Ashley Smith had plastic surgery?

At the moment, there is no reliable information about the cosmetic procedures of the model, whether it is rhinoplasty (nose job), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), liposuction, buttock lift, facelift, botox injections and fillers or something else.

Short stature, noticeable freckles and a gap between the teeth did not interfere with the overwhelming popularity. They make her unique and only contribute to her career growth. This girl has become a star of the catwalks, she opens and closes the shows of famous designers.

Did Ashley Smith do a boob job?

Ashley has natural big tits that look amazing. Therefore, she does not need breast augmentation surgery and implants.


How Ashley Smith stays fit?

“Healthy eating, sports and activity. I try to go to the gym at least 5 times a week, devoting at least half an hour to cardio training. But the most important thing is a healthy diet. I try to stay away from processed food and fast food,” said the famous model.


Ashley Smith found themselves on the crest of a wave because the fashionable image of a touching teenage girl with innocent eyes and a sexually open mouth with a gap between her teeth, which Vanessa Paradis had exploited for so long, suddenly became iconic again.

Ashley Smith, who dreamed of getting rid of her crooked teeth as a child, was awarded a comparison with the famous Brigitte Bardot as a result. She is admired by the famous fashion designer Miuccia Prada and the scandalous photographer Terry Richardson.

Ashley Smith won public recognition largely due to her unusual appearance and set the trend for a diastema in the world of the fashion industry. In addition, Ashley was nicknamed “another Lara Stone.” Now girls with such a jaw defect are especially in demand from fashion houses.

According to Ashley Smith, she was shy all her childhood because of the pronounced gap between her teeth and wanted to install braces. But this noticeable defect brought the model popularity. When asked if she would like to fix her teeth, Ashley answered quite honestly: “Yes, I’ve thought about it a lot before. I even went to the dentist to fix the flaw. But in fact, I never had the money to do it. And now it’s making me money!”

The girl is very pleased with her appearance, although she used to dream of visiting a doctor and eliminating the flaw. Her diastema is so noticeable that it seems another tooth can fit into this gap. But she’s in no hurry to put on braces yet to get the perfect smile. Ashley is still very young – let’s see if she takes into account the example of Vanessa Paradis in the future.

Today’s secret to success in the modeling business is simple – the face should be remembered, so small defects will only add charm. Gaps between teeth have also become a tradition in Hollywood. If earlier the stars were ashamed of their ugly smile and quickly corrected the “flaw”, now it has become the norm. For example, like the popular actress Anna Paquin.

Ashley Smith is a model from Texas, whom some people boldly call the second Brigitte Bardot, while forgetting that the Frenchwoman was still an actress and the muse of several talented directors. Ashley’s achievements have so far been limited to fashion shows. But, on the other hand, she brings back to the catwalks the type of the past years, when the beauties were not as if they came off the same conveyor, but had their own personality.

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