Amy Winehouse, Before and After

By | March 22, 2024

The infamous British singer Amy Winehouse haunted the tabloids. Let’s compare how Amy looked before plastic surgery and how she changed after. See the photo.

Breast augmentation (boob job)

The British singer decided that larger breasts increase her chances of success in the world of pop music. The star needed any effective means that could attract the public. After all, Amy was preparing a grandiose return to the stage after a protracted crisis and personal depression.

The late British singer Amy Winehouse, after several attempts to get rid of drug addiction, tried to put her appearance in order. After plastic surgery, the 26-year-old singer’s rather flat chest increased by three sizes. Back then, it was said that these big tits cost Amy 54 thousand dollars.

No one knew exactly why British pop star Amy Winehouse did a boob job.

  • According to her father Mitch, Amy celebrated getting rid of drug addiction in such a peculiar way.
  • Another version was put forward by one of Winehouse’s drinking buddies. It turns out that she wanted to make herself a birthday present, which she celebrated in September.
  • A friend of the singer’s ex-husband, Harry Spoonful, had a different opinion. The couple divorced on July 16, but then got back together. Harry thinks that Amy has decided to make reconciliation doubly pleasant for her beloved.
  • Winehouse herself said in an interview that she wanted a radically fresh look for her comeback.

But, as it turned out, the happiness did not last long. The implants began to cause serious concern. Amy was even hospitalized.

According to rumors, the reason for the girl’s treatment at the clinic was her fear that “her breasts are going to burst.” According to the singer’s father, she had a small hole in her chest or something like that. One of Amy’s friends told a British newspaper about the terrible details: “She saw something oozing out of her chest. It was terrible.”

The star’s father, Mitch Winehouse, who was involved in his daughter’s career, was extremely saddened. Mitch really hoped that plastic surgeons would be able to solve Amy’s problems without radically removing the implants and try to fix the situation in other ways.

Mitch supported Amy’s decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery in the fall of 2009, as it seemed to him that in this way his daughter would get rid of her self-doubt complex, begin to feel more attractive and beautiful.

But Amy was not happy with the new breast for long, the girl began to have severe pain. The star was urgently hospitalized. Winehouse was forced to have surgery to remove breast implants.

26-year-old Amy Winehouse underwent breast augmentation surgery in October 2009, after which she repeatedly boasted of her magnificent breasts in front of numerous journalists. It was clearly visible how pleased Amy was with the result. Alas, her happiness did not last long. Already at the end of winter, the singer began to experience attacks of acute pain in the area of breast implants. In addition, the singer needed corrective surgery to make her breasts look normal again.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Despite all the troubles, Winehouse has not lost interest in the wonders of plastic surgery. The singer was going to adjust the shape of her nose.


Winehouse is definitely not a beauty. Not so much because of her gap between her front teeth, but because of her sloppy appearance. It has long been no secret that the late British singer suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. Such bad habits could not but affect her teeth. They began to rot, crack and fall out.

Winehouse’s smile looked creepy. The teeth were crooked, yellow in color, and several teeth were simply missing. But Amy was absolutely not shy about it. She always smiled broadly at the cameras. However, later she decided to whiten her teeth and inserted several implants.

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