Amy Schumer, Before and After

By | March 17, 2023

Actress Amy Schumer became famous for her comedic talent and self-irony. It seemed that she was not shy about her weight and adhered to the ideas of body positivity and naturalness. Therefore, fans were very surprised when the star had liposuction.

How did Amy Schumer lose weight?

In fact, the American stand-up comedian has been struggling with excess weight for many years. Amy tried many diets and traditional methods of weight loss: she did sports, followed the principles of proper nutrition, but these methods did not work. After the birth of the child, the actress faced health problems.

Schumer became more and more upset about her appearance and dreamed of feeling beautiful. In an interview, the star admitted that she had never thought about plastic surgery, but she reached a critical point and decided to make changes.

Amy spoke frankly about the liposuction performed and admitted that a whole series of events pushed her to such a decision — a difficult pregnancy, difficult childbirth, a grueling struggle with endometriosis and further removal of the uterus and appendix. The actress is more than happy with the result of the operation.


Plastic surgery

In 2017, Amy appeared on the cover of InStyle and stated that she was unlikely to decide on plastic surgery or fillers. However, over time, she changed her views.

In January 2022, the celebrity shared with subscribers a picture in a black corset and told that she had done liposuction. Amy explained this frankness by saying that she wants to be honest with her fans, and received thousands of support.

Soon the 41-year-old actress published photos of the final result of liposuction. She is happy with her transformation and finally feels amazing. After the procedure to get rid of excess weight, Amy Schumer goes in for sports and pays special attention to nutrition.

By the way, Schumer has previously visited an aesthetic medicine clinic. She gave filler injections, but was dissatisfied and soon removed the fillers.

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