Betty Brosmer, Before and After

The eternally young Betty Brosmer: the owner of the best figure of the XX century. Before the legendary Marilyn Monroe conquered men all over America, their dreams were dedicated to the model of the 50s of the XX century Betty Brosmer. The girl had an outstanding appearance: with magnificent forms, she had a very thin… Read More »

Wayne Newton, Before and After

Wayne Newton, according to his contemporaries, was an icon of pop music in the 1960s and 1970s. The singer was also a successful actor, he has many bright roles in films to his credit. “The King of Las Vegas” got into the Guinness Book of Records, he became the highest paid cabaret singer in the… Read More »

Jake Gyllenhaal, Before and After

Jake Gyllenhaal has always been considered a blue-eyed handsome man, a kind of mix of brutality and all the most beautiful male facial features. However, as it turned out, even such a handsome man was once not entirely satisfied with his appearance. Jake Gyllenhaal in his youth Jake was born on December 19, 1980 in… Read More »

Willem Dafoe, Before and After

Perhaps Willem Dafoe can rightfully be called the owner of the most unconventional smile in Hollywood. Do you think he’s complaining about this? It didn’t happen at all! But any self-respecting dentist would love to work with such a client… Willem Dafoe doesn’t care what his teeth look like. When a reporter at the Karlovy… Read More »

Devon Sawa, Before and After

In the actor Devon Sawa, it is difficult to recognize the cute kid who played the role of Casper. And it’s all the fault numerous plastic surgeries and the desire to give the appearance of masculinity. Devon Sawa in his youth The movie “Casper” brought unprecedented success to the young actor Devon Sawa. He became… Read More »

Barry Manilow, Before and After

During his long career in the music business, Barry Manilow has released more than 75 million CDs worldwide, and who would blame him for wanting to stay young after 70 years? However, the singer himself rejects rumors about his plastic surgeries and says that the hype makes him angry and worried. But this is probably… Read More »

Ozzy Osbourne, Before and After

In 2013, one of the founding fathers and frontman of the legendary Black Sabbath band took off his trademark glasses for the first time in front of the public. Then the world of heavy rock fans went crazy. Ozzy was 64 years old at the time, but he looked much younger. He had a face… Read More »

Mark McGrath, Before and After

Not only women strive to be beautiful, but also some men resort to the services of aesthetic medicine surgeons for this. But not all operations are successful and not all of them benefit. Confirmation of this is a number of famous men who overdid plastic surgery. American singer and leader of the rock band “Sugar… Read More »

Tom Jones, Before and After

It happens that sometimes a long autumn comes in the life of a star man, which he is ashamed to call the coming old age. And the former conqueror of ladies’s hearts finds nothing better than to turn to a magician with a scalpel in his hands, that is, to a plastic surgeon. The result… Read More »

Bar Refaeli, Before and After

Bar Refaeli is one of the most notable beauties in the world. The bar is often called the most successful model advertising underwear. In addition to advertising campaigns, the beauty constantly participates in the shows of new collections of well-known brands that support the world of fashion industry. In addition to screenings and participation in… Read More »