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Yolanda Hadid, Before and After

There is an opinion that it is easier for beautiful people to achieve success, but Yolanda Hadid proves that a strong character is more important than appearance. Due to a serious illness, she had to give up plastic surgery and injections, but she did not fall into despair and learned to love and accept herself… Read More »

Eva Green, Before and After

Eva Green is known for the films “The Dreamers”, “300: Rise of an Empire”, “Dark Shadows”, but most of all she is loved for the image of a mysterious lady in the TV series “Penny Dreadful”. They say that the appearance of the actress attracts and repels at the same time, there is some special… Read More »

Lady Gaga, Before and After

The appearance of Lady Gaga is often discussed even more often than her creative achievements. Despite the fact that the singer is among the topmost successful performers almost every year and attracts directors with acting talent, the media still mainly discusses her outrageous exits, crazy outfits, and daring photos. What plastic surgeries did Lady Gaga… Read More »

Amanda Seyfried, Before and After

Amanda Seyfried is considered a careerist. She has been in the cinema since childhood, her face often flashes on the covers of magazines. For many, she is the ideal of beauty and an example to follow. The actress has a beautiful figure, for which she does almost nothing. What plastic surgeries did Amanda Seyfried have?… Read More »

Irina Shayk, Before and After

Irina Shayk is one of the most famous and popular models and podium stars. She was born in Russia in the Chelyabinsk region in the family of a miner and was able to achieve stunning success by building a career in the modeling business. Now she is the face of many iconic brands, advertises underwear… Read More »

Halle Berry, Before and After

Few people believe that the film actress Halle Berry is already over 50, because she is always in great shape, and her athletic body can be envied by twenty-year-olds. Many people are also surprised by the success of the Hollywood star, she managed to achieve fame without connections and anyone’s help thanks to the main… Read More »

Kate Upton, Before and After

Kate Upton is an actress and the sexiest woman of the year, according to People magazine. Patients of plastic surgeons often cite her appearance as an example to demonstrate the desired results. Did Kate Upton do a boob job? Kate herself often says that she no longer likes her appearance. She complains that film directors… Read More »

Emilia Clarke, Before and After

In 2015, Esquire magazine recognized this actress as the sexiest woman in the world. At the same time, the performer of the role of Daenerys herself often makes fun of her own appearance and calls herself an ordinary short brunette. Is Emilia Clarke not lying? Let’s learn more about her attitude to beauty and plastic… Read More »

Katy Perry, Before and After

Katy Perry is talented in creating bright images that she constantly changes on stage and in life. The singer has never been afraid to experiment with hair color and prefers to appear in public in shocking costumes and memorable dresses with deep cutouts. From the ordinary gray mouse that she once was as a child,… Read More »

Elizabeth Hurley, Before and After

It seems that this British actress not only played the role of a charming devil in the film “Bedazzled” but also agreed with him about eternal youth. Elizabeth Hurley, like a good wine, only gets better over the years. Elizabeth Hurley in her youth and now As a child, the girl, at the insistence of… Read More »