Axl Rose, Before and After

By | January 19, 2024

Axl Rose was one of the brightest rock stars of the 1980s. Then the leader of the Guns N’ Roses group disappeared from the horizon for several years to reappear in front of the public completely unrecognizable.

Plastic surgery

The musician had several cosmetic surgeries on his face. In particular, he had a facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), rhinoplasty (nose job), cheek implants and reshaped the chin and cheekbones. In addition, the man was advised chemical peeling. As a result, Axl was completely disappointed in what he had done. He lost the battle against aging, even despite numerous botox injections.

The singer obviously believed that aesthetic surgery would help him erase the effects of his turbulent youth from his face, and at the same time rejuvenate himself. One operation began to replace another. Rehabilitation did not have time to complete completely, but Axl Rose has already signed up for a new procedure. Several facelifts, chin surgery, cheekbone correction, blepharoplasty and many Botox injections have done their job. Now the rock music star doesn’t look much like the red-haired handsome man from the past that everyone remembered him for.

Then and now

1980s rock star Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, was incredibly popular. After the band broke up, the singer disappeared from the field of view of fans. He returned several years later, unrecognizable.

Fans of the iconic rock band Guns N’ Roses remember frontman Axl Rose as a handsome red-haired man with expressive eyes. He was at the top of the rock world. Thin, with long red hair, charismatic and bright singer easily conquered the hearts of women, despite his difficult character and frequent antics.

But due to many years of unhealthy lifestyle, the musician began to look completely different. His hair has faded, his eyes have gone out and he has gained a lot of weight. This change has generated a lot of jokes on the Internet and horrified loyal fans.

A rock star of the 1980s and former lead singer of the cult band Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose has changed so much that fans who have seen his face up close from the stage are horrified by his external metamorphoses. His unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol and drugs, which he used in large quantities during the years of fame, affected his entire appearance.

However, before the loud Guns N’ Roses reunion, he managed to get himself in shape a little. And although he will never become a thin and long-haired handsome man, after cosmetic procedures he looks a little better.

Axl decided to erase the traces of his turbulent youth with the help of plastic surgery. However, numerous facelifts, eyelid surgeries, nose, chin, cheekbones and countless botox injections did not lead to the desired result. Drastic weight loss and drug use have done their job. The musician became unrecognizable. Unfortunately, he failed to regain his former popularity.

His face resembles a mask. When the singer appears on stage, in the spotlight he resembles a mannequin or a robot with an artificial face. Many compare Rose to Fantomas from old French comedies and condemn him for his addiction to operations and injections. Perhaps the star should have faced old age with humility, as the equally famous Alice Cooper did.

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