Suzanne Somers, Before and After

By | December 10, 2023

Suzanne Somers is one of America’s greatest classical actresses. In the 1970s, the actress delighted fans around the world, becoming famous after the comedy series “Three’s Company.” However, Suzanne looked natural then.

Over the years, the actress began to lose her former positions, and plastic surgery became the only right decision in the struggle for a new wave of attention from directors. At first, Somers did not resort to drastic measures. But after cosmetic procedures did not give a good result, she resorted to breast augmentation surgery, liposuction, facelift, botox injections and fillers. Let’s compare her photos before and after numerous cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.


Suzanne seemed eternally young for quite a long time. Somers claimed that she takes fantastic care of her skin, and her youthful appearance is the result of regular exercise and diet. Rumors that Suzanne uses the services of plastic surgery specialists began when she was over 60.

Fans and journalists noticed her unnaturally stretched skin on her face and a surprisingly smooth jawline, so they assumed that Somers had a facelift. For a woman her age, smooth, wrinkle-free skin looked too unnatural. All the signs pointed to plastic surgery. But Suzanne strongly rejected these assumptions and called them unrealistic. On Oprah’s show, Somers stated that taking hormones and a variety of dietary supplements helps keep her young.

However, some well-known plastic surgeons claim that operations leave obvious traces that cannot be hidden from a specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine. Comparing photos of Suzanne before and after the radical transformation, doctors believe that she probably went under the knife several times.

In her youth, Somers was naturally gorgeous. Suzanne’s beautiful face might have been preserved with the help of some cosmetic procedures. But the facelift made her face narrower than an ordinary woman of her age. And combined with botox, her face looked frozen and unnaturally tense. Her unnatural appearance is the result of unsuccessful plastic surgery.


Suzanne openly admitted that she had botox injections to get rid of the signs of aging. Thanks to this cosmetic procedure, she removed wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and nasolabial folds. Her face looked rejuvenated, smooth and shiny. However, one day she stated that she had been injecting Botox and was ashamed.

Fillers for lips and cheekbones

Suzanne’s lips began to look unnaturally thick with age. Fans noted that with plump lips, she is almost unrecognizable.

In 2020, Somers admitted that unfortunately, the results of lip injections are not so good. She stated that she had fillers a few years ago that had changed and that she would never do it again.

Her cheeks also seemed enlarged. Perhaps she gained weight with age, but plastic surgeons said that her face looked unnatural and perhaps these were the results of injections of fillers into her cheekbones.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Some plastic surgeons have also noticed that with age, Suzanne’s nose has become unnaturally wide. However, in her youth, her nose had a perfect shape. This led them to conclude that Somers probably had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty in the past, which could eventually make her nose wider.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Plastic surgeons who commented on Suzanne’s transformation believe that Somers underwent eyelid surgery and an eyebrow lift. Even if she disputed all these assumptions about the numerous cosmetic surgeries, her face was too unnatural.

Comparing photos of Suzanne, you can see that the bags under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes almost disappeared at an older age. But it is impossible that makeup can completely hide these age-related changes. Besides, she couldn’t boast of a natural youthful appearance.

Breast augmentation

Somers’s addiction to plastic surgery is evidenced by her large breasts. She couldn’t resist the temptation to get breast implants. Suzanne do a boob job. We can only say that Somers looked more attractive with big tits. Do you agree? In addition, Suzanne underwent breast reconstruction surgery due to breast cancer.


Somers actively promoted proper nutrition and exercise. However, a number of her critics claim that she probably had a lot of plastic surgery to preserve her body. Many netizens have also shared photos of her before and after significant changes in her appearance.

In 2001, the suspicions were confirmed. Paparazzi photographed Somers leaving the plastic surgery clinic. Suzanne admitted that she had liposuction on her upper back and hips.

Cause of death

Suzanne’s death was announced on October 15, 2023, the day before the actress’ 77th birthday. Somers had been suffering from breast cancer for a long time. The celebrity spoke openly about her illness when she was first diagnosed in 2000.

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