Kelly Ripa, Before and After

By | November 28, 2023

The famous American actress and TV presenter Kelly Ripa says that she pays due attention to her perfect figure, facial skin care, healthy eating and sleeping, as well as a happy family life with her beloved husband and three children. As for her fitness regime, she claims that she still looks great because she drinks a lot of water and exercises regularly. But Kelly recognizes the importance of cosmetic surgery and is ready to go under the knife, but when and if the time comes.

Kelly Ripa has openly said that she regularly gets Botox injections. She admitted that she wanted to have filler injections in her lips and breast augmentation surgery. Kelly announced that she had undergone surgery on her earlobe. In addition, there are rumors that she had rhinoplasty, neck lift and veneers installed. Let’s see how Kelly Ripa has changed after some cosmetic improvements and plastic surgery.

Facelift, botox and fillers

Kelly Ripa still looks young, and this makes fans and the media suspect that she has had a facelift. When comparing her old photos with recent ones, you can see that there are some changes on her face. A celebrity works on his appearance, and sometimes turns to plastic surgeons for help. Although Kelly is naturally beautiful, sometimes she does small cosmetic procedures.

Kelly has repeatedly reported that she regularly gets botox injections. The TV presenter admitted that she was once given a botox injection, because of which she could not smile normally for six months. Ripa just wanted to correct the wrinkles on her forehead, around her eyes and mouth that made her face look angry. The unfortunate experience probably forced Kelly to take a fresh look at the procedure, although she used to be a big fan of Botox.

Kelly also explained in the interview that she had botox injections in her armpits to prevent excessive sweating.


Kelly Ripa told about the desire to inject filler into the lips. The actress shared her opinion about plastic surgery and told how she manages to achieve perfect lips with makeup. Ripa uses creative makeup techniques and optical illusions to enlarge her lips. In addition, the celebrity wrote that she would like to try a lip kit from Lisa Rinna.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Botox injections are not the only cosmetic procedure she has undergone. There are rumors that she had rhinoplasty, but she denied these rumors.

However, some plastic surgeons claim the opposite. When comparing some photos, you can see the difference in the shape of her nose. Before the proposed operation, her nose appears convex and the tip of her nose is round. After the alleged rhinoplasty, her nose looks thinner and narrower.

However, Kelly Ripa denied rumors about nose surgery when she shared on Instagram the makeup technique that her makeup artist uses. She applies bronzer to the sides of her nose, making it smaller. With the help of makeup, she got a straight and thin bridge of the nose and a pointed tip of the nose, without going under the knife.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Comparing the photo of Kelly Ripa in her youth and now we can assume that she did an eyelid lift. Looking at the photo of Kelly in her youth, it is noticeable that she has slightly drooping upper eyelids. With age, the eyelids usually become even more overhanging. But Ripa’s upper eyelids, on the contrary, have become more taut with age.

The celebrity herself did not comment on this plastic surgery in any way. Is it really the wonders of makeup again?


After Kelly posted her photos on Instagram, which she captured in 1995 and in 2009, netizens suggested that she had installed veneers and had a nose job. However, Ripa hastened to give a rebuttal in response. She claims that her teeth are natural and she doesn’t have any veneers. But comparing her photos in her younger years and now, it becomes clear that her teeth look a little different than before.

Breast augmentation

There are rumors that Kelly Ripa has had breast augmentation surgery. Although no evidence has been found, some suggest that she used breast implants to enlarge her boobs a little. But her latest photos show that she may have had her breast implants removed. However, she is not talking about this plastic surgery yet.

Kelly Ripa herself expressed dissatisfaction with the way her breasts look in photos in swimsuits. She was talking about plastic surgery for a breast lift after the birth of three children and because of the influence of age. Ripa, after seeing her photos in a bikini, which were taken during a family vacation, said that she needed to increase her breasts.

In September 2023, she said that “my current appearance strengthens my confidence that I need a breast lift.” Earlier, Ripa also expressed a desire to install breast implants.


There were rumors that she had liposuction. Whether this is true or false, we cannot give an unambiguous answer, since she has never admitted it.

Neck lift

In addition, it is assumed that Kelly had a neck lift. But Ripa herself did not react to these assumptions. She has never confirmed or denied this operation.

Plastic surgery on the earlobes

Kelly told about the surgery on her personal page on the social network. Ripa showed the earlobe, corrected by a surgeon, in a video on Instagram.

Kelly said that in her youth she independently made piercing holes in her earlobes. But they turned out to be crooked. In addition, Ripa said that the holes on the earlobes were torn through because she was wearing heavy earrings. So she had to go to a plastic surgeon to have the doctor sew up the torn parts of the earlobe. The celebrity noted that now the lobe of her right ear is very different from the left.

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