Patricia Arquette, Before and After

By | January 11, 2024

Patricia Arquette has always been famous for her incredible sexuality, but now the actress looks a couple of decades older. One of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood turned into an old woman. Patricia has given up plastic surgery and looks her age. But we love her!

Did Arquette have plastic surgery?

Patricia is an ardent feminist, she is sure that women do not have to have rhinoplasty (nose job), liposuction, facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), insert breast and buttock implants, enlarge lips and cheekbones with fillers to get a role. But despite this, there are rumors that Arquette went under the knife of a plastic surgeon. There are also many different assumptions being discussed about what cosmetic procedures she did with her face.

Has Patricia had a facelift and botox injections?

Previously, many suspected that she had botox injections due to the fact that Arquette’s face looked fresh and radiant, unlike most women her age. She didn’t have a single wrinkle on her face, which increased suspicion. The discussion about Patricia’s cosmetic procedures concerned botox and fillers.

Some plastic surgeons have suggested that Arquette probably underwent a facelift. They pointed to her too smooth forehead, which looked too shiny and elongated. In addition, her eyes look a little different now, if you compare them with photos from the period when young Patricia first entered the film industry.

The question of facelifts and cosmetic procedures has so far remained unanswered. Maybe it’s just a rumor. In addition, makeup can change a lot on a woman’s face.

Did Arquette do a boob job?

In the 1990s, Patricia had a slim body and a flat stomach. Since the early 2000s, she has already had a fuller body and a larger breast size. In 2002, during her second pregnancy, Arquette noticeably gained weight. After the baby was born, she still had a very attractive hourglass-shaped figure.

Patricia’s big tits attracted public attention. Some fans suspected that Arquette had breast augmentation surgery. Her boobs got bigger and sexier.

Do you think these rumors are true? Have the implants changed the shape and size of the breast or are its curves natural?

Why doesn’t Patricia Arquette fix crooked teeth?

The short, blue-eyed Patricia differed from the others in her special, slightly nervous and expressive manner of playing. The independent character of the actress, who categorically refused to fix her teeth, did not go unnoticed either.

Back at school, one of her classmates recommended that the future actress straighten her front teeth. But Arquette decided once and for all not to wear braces.

Patricia has admitted that she is not going to fix her teeth. In particular, the actress talked about the pressure Hollywood exerted on her in connection with her appearance.

According to Arquette, when she was in the ninth grade, one of her school friends suggested that the future actress straighten her front teeth so that she could pose for Playboy magazine.

“I immediately asked myself: “Why do I want to shoot for Playboy?” I don’t want to look perfect and I’m not going to change myself to become more attractive. I don’t have to do this,” the actress said.

Even now, Patricia does not want to discuss her appearance and how she looks in front of the camera. She is not going to bring her teeth to the generally accepted standards of beauty.

“There have been many similar conversations in my life, for example, about how I look on the big screen. What should I look like? In a special way? Men are never asked such questions. I just want to be free of all this. Of course, I have nothing against men and I don’t think we are any different. But until when will I be asked about my appearance? This conversation is already outdated. I just don’t want to look perfect,” the actress said.

Why has Patricia Arquette aged so much?

Patricia, the winner of an Oscar and several Golden Globes, who, in all likelihood, had already had enough of creative success, once came to the conclusion that it was time to fight for women’s rights. Arquette developed a flurry of activity, completely oblivious to the critical comments of fans about her appearance. Stubbornly following the principle that the aging process cannot be stopped, she gave up on various ways to preserve her former attractiveness. Probably, she did not want to exhaust herself with sports and resort to cosmetic procedures in order to remain in the center of male attention.

In 2018, 49-year-old Patricia came to the event in a long, loose-fitting dress with a nondescript print. The lack of makeup accentuated the wrinkles on her aged face, and her loose hair looked as if the celebrity hadn’t washed her hair for more than a week. Unkempt, loose hair enhanced the gloomy impression of Arquette’s new look. The famous actress became like an elderly housewife who let everything take its course and forgot about her feminine destiny.

In Hollywood, women are used to taking good care of themselves, regularly visiting plastic surgeons and generally postponing the inevitable aging in every possible way. We are used to famous women looking youthful even in old age. Think, for example, Halle Berry, Elle MacPherson and Julianne Moore — no one will even dare to accuse them of being unkempt. But Patricia seems to have completely forgotten about the existence of a cosmetologist’s office and a beauty salon. Arquette has aged dramatically and shocked with her untidy appearance.

Fans expressed concern about the condition of their beloved actress and began to wonder if something bad had happened in her life. Others came to the conclusion that Patricia had simply withdrawn into herself and therefore began to go out to events less and less often. What do you think is the reason for Arquette’s untidy appearance?

Let’s remember Patricia Arquette in her youth

She led away from under the noses of star beauties-rivals of famous men, among whom were Matthew McConaughey and Christian Slater. And Nicolas Cage literally lost his head from the charms of Patricia and followed her around. At first, it annoyed and even scared her. However, soon Patricia could no longer do without his presence. At the engagement party, where many famous guests were invited, Arquette was dazzlingly beautiful. They lived together for six years. In less than a year, Patricia will be disappointed. Nicholas will never become the prince of her heart, and family life will be remembered only for buying expensive cars. And also the bored star actress with the manner of courtship of her husband. Without regret, with a sense of newfound freedom, Patricia will part with Nicolas Cage in order to return to Hollywood again and do what she loves with a charming sweet smile on her face.

Her strange attitude towards men, whom she easily abandoned, was probably due to her independent nature, unwillingness to obey anyone. Even at the dawn of her career, a very young actress became interested in musician Paul Rossi and gave birth to a son from him. The father of the child repeatedly talked about marriage, but Patricia was firm in her decision: personal freedom is above all. The same thing happened to actor Thomas Jane, who did not last long in the company of a star blonde. However, this time the daughter who was born into the world became the object of frequent scandals due to joint custody.

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