Scott Thompson «Carrot Top», Before and After

By | February 6, 2024

Scott Thompson is one of the victims of plastic surgery of popular celebrities. The American actor, a talented comedian, has always been bright, charismatic and attracted the attention of the public with his red hair. Carrot Top became famous for his unique hairstyle. However, now his appearance is more frightening than attractive.

Plastic surgery

Scott Thompson is another celebrity who has had bad luck with aesthetic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. He is described as a living animated character with smooth skin, tinted eyebrows, enlarged lips and a shock of red curls.

Carrot Top suddenly changed radically in 1999. From an expressionless red-haired man, he suddenly turned into a bright jock resembling a transvestite. It is rumored that for this he underwent several surgeries – however, not sex reassignment, but plastic ones.

At some point, his cheekbones began to stand out too much on his face. This is the result of injections of fillers. The actor himself denies that he has implants in his cheeks.

According to experts, he underwent eyebrow lift surgery, jaw correction, injections of fillers into lips and cheekbones, botox and laser peeling. But Carrot Top denied that he had undergone surgical procedures. Besides, he takes steroids all the time.

Scott looks more like a cartoon character these days. It seems that over the years his appearance has undergone quite a lot of changes. His features are unnaturally smooth and drawn. Perhaps this result was due to excessive abuse of chemical peeling.

Carrot Top has never been handsome. But after a series of unsuccessful facelifts and botox injections, he doesn’t even need to joke, he causes unhealthy laughter in the audience by his very appearance.

Carrot Top with a bright style and rather harsh jokes had the same outstanding appearance, by which he could be noticed among others. But before the cosmetic procedures, he looked like a man. After plastic surgery, Scott changed a lot in appearance and began to look completely different from before. Thompson now looks more like an older woman.

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