Ana Beatriz Barros, Before and After

Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros, who has dozens of covers for the best publications in the world, hundreds of catwalk appearances and advertising contracts with well-known brands. Ana Beatriz Barros is rightfully called one of the main sex symbols of Brazil, she was the “angel” of Victoria’s Secret, participated in advertising campaigns and showed the… Read More »

Vivica Fox, Before and After

The famous actress Vivica Fox has always been considered a real beauty and regularly got into the lists of the “sexiest in the world”. That’s just the shape of the girl’s breasts did not suit. But it would be better if she didn’t do breast augmentation surgery. Now she is known more as “that actress… Read More »

Victoria Silvstedt, Before and After

Having won the Miss Sweden crown at the age of 18, Victoria Silvstedt has never tired of acting in swimsuits and without them since then. After appearing in the series “Malibu, CA”, many men of the globe dreamed of a sultry blonde. The girl basked in fame, starring in famous glossy magazines and attending expensive… Read More »

Pink, Before and After

Pink became popular in 2000, she has never been one of those who choose restraint in appearance. During her rather long career, the singer changed her image more often than anyone else. At the same time, she is an opponent of the fashion for plastic surgery. Let’s compare how she looked in her youth and… Read More »

Kim Novak, Before and After

Kim Novak is a movie star who was advised by Donald Trump to sue a plastic surgeon. The career of this actress began in the late 50s with Hitchcock’s film “Vertigo”. The gorgeous blonde then, strikes now only with the unsuccessful results of numerous plastic surgeries. Kim is trying in vain to regain her lost… Read More »

Nicolas Cage, Before and After

Nicolas Cage is a famous American film actor and producer. Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage stands out among other colleagues for his unconventional approach to life and choice of roles. He often flashes in the tabloid headlines and at the same time remains one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Today there are about 100 roles… Read More »

Joshua Hutcherson, Before and After

Joshua Hutcherson, the star of “The Hunger Games” openly confessed about the rhinoplasty. Let’s see how it all started and how his appearance changed after the nose job? Joshua Hutcherson in his youth Joshua Hutcherson was born on October 12, 1992 in Union Township, Kentucky (USA). Already as a child, the boy dreamed of acting… Read More »

LeAnn Rimes, Before and After

Country singer LeAnn Rimes, winner of two Grammy Awards and three national country Awards. Let’s compare how she looked in her youth and how her appearance has changed now. Smile LeAnn Rimes fixed the defects of her smile so that everyone around her would stop calling her a “horse.” Before: It turns out that in… Read More »

Katherine Heigl, Before and After

Pretty appearance and charming smile — viewers are used to seeing Katherine Heigl in the images of romantic heroines. But what is she really like? Did she have plastic surgery? Let’s compare how she looked in her youth and how her appearance has changed now. She started her career as a child When Katherine was… Read More »

Jodie Kidd, Before and After

The model has gone through many dental procedures for the sake of a beautiful smile and career. Before: Jodie Kidd has never been particularly beautiful: a broad face, freckles, uneven teeth. However, fashion gurus saw 15-year-old Jodie as a style icon. They admired the figure and unusual features of the girl, but they considered it… Read More »