Joan Van Ark, Before and After

By | August 9, 2023

Joan Van Ark has long occupied a leading position in the section “The Horrors of plastic surgery”. Let’s see how she looked in her youth and how her appearance changed after. Let’s compare the photos then and now.

Plastic surgery

In her youth, Joan looked very attractive. But even the most successful roles did not bring the actress such a stunning popularity as changing her appearance. Now the former star of the series has been leading the ratings of plastic surgery victims for a long time.

Joan Van Ark, increasingly flashes in the press. Photos of the actress before and after manipulations with the face are amazing. Many people often do not believe that the early and current photos of Joan Van Ark are the same person.

Joan Van Ark then and now it’s a huge difference. Her waxy, shiny face is the result of numerous nose surgeries, eyelid lift, facelift, cheek and chin implants. After numerous plastic surgeries, Joan Van Ark resembles the heroine of horror films.

Boob job

Joan Van Ark has had breast augmentation surgery more than once. With age, breast implants began to stand out clearly under the skin of an elderly woman.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Joan Van Ark did not have a particularly huge nose before rhinoplasty and there were no indications for surgery. But in 1991, the actress decided to correct the nose given by nature and went to a plastic surgeon. After the nose job, there were no visible improvements for the better.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Plastic surgeons state the fact that the woman went for correction of the upper eyelids back in 1991. After the eyelid lift, the situation improved significantly, but not for long. Surgeons agree that blepharoplasty is not always successful, as wrinkles will return due to thinness and dryness of the skin.


Joan Van Ark did not rejoice for long after the operation, as the facelift did not bring much results. Soon, a grid of wrinkles covered the star’s face again. The neck and chin area also looks deplorable.

In the period from 1992 to 2002, strange things began to happen to Joan Van Ark’s facial skin. Skin color changes were noticeable in the area around the mouth, cheekbones and lips. The fans were horrified, because it was not the cutie Joan who appeared before them, but the heroine of a horror movie with blue-white skin.

Every year the complexion became more and more painful. Well-known American cosmetologists claim that such skin changes are the consequences of abuse of tanning services.

In addition, she regularly uses botox injections and fillers.

Make up

The situation is aggravated by a terrible, provocative makeup. Joan in her makeup violates all known generally accepted canons. Fatal mistakes neutralize even minor positive results of plastic surgery.

  • Skin tone. A woman does not choose the right concealer that perfectly masks pigmentation, burst blood vessels and does not clog into wrinkles. Joan has a cyanotic complexion multiplied by multiple wrinkles filled with a thick concealer.
  • The shine of the face. The actress does not use the advice of cosmetologists, as there are constantly glare on her face, giving age.
  • Eyebrows are unnaturally drawn. Note that a brown pencil is unacceptable in her case.
  • Thick black eyeliner visually weights the eyes, already tired of life. Due to skin irregularities and wrinkles, the eye makeup on her face blurs and looks unsightly.
  • Shiny shadows have long been considered the height of bad taste for age ladies and daytime makeup.
  • Joan Van Ark’s lips look the most terrifying. A woman practically does not use lipstick or lip gloss, from which they are completely lost on the face of an aging lady.

Experts assure that Joan has done everything possible with her face and body! But still, a cadaverous appearance, an unsuccessful drawing of eyebrows, a light lip gloss hiding some kind of skin disease is rather the result of unsuccessful makeup and can still be fixed!

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