Keanu Reeves, Before and After

By | May 30, 2022

Keanu Reeves is considered the saddest and loneliest actor in Hollywood. But this is not quite true. He’s just a serious philosopher. The Internet is full of statements about Keanu’s life and views on modern society and morality. And the fact that the actor is truly talented is evidenced by his extensive filmography – more than 150 films.

This actor is known and loved, without exaggeration, all over the world. In addition to his undoubted talent, Keanu Reeves also has many advantages that make him completely different from his colleagues.

Plastic surgery

Looking at the star of the Matrix trilogy, you might think that time has no power over Keanu. Now Reeves remains the same fit, and his face only becomes more courageous and noble over the years. And it’s not just about excellent genetics – although the actor was definitely lucky with her. But plastic surgeons have also done a good job here.

It is enough to compare the photos from the beginning of his career and today’s, and everything will fall into place: nose surgery, chin and cheekbones correction, facelift. The picture is complemented by botox injections and fillers. It is clear that the manipulations were carried out by the best specialists – the actor has preserved facial expressions, and in general Keanu looks very natural.

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