Ivanka Trump, Before and After

By | October 2, 2020

Ivanka Trump looks very elegant and stylish. She has well-groomed skin without a single wrinkle, always perfect styling and discreet makeup. She is a model of impeccable taste and the epitome of the modern, ambitious American woman. She has not only a good political acumen but also the ability to turn an ordinary appearance into a noble one. The girl was radically transformed with the help of plastic surgery, the changes affected both her face and body.


Ivanka Trump was born on October 30, 1981, in New York. From her father, she got intelligence, and from her mother, she got an attractive appearance and a beautiful figure.

In the 90’s Ivanka started her modeling career and reached great heights. Then she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Economics. And in the 2000s She was an educated, successful businesswoman. The father entrusted Ivanka with the post of Vice-President of his company. She contributed to the growth of income and brought the Corporation to the top of the ratings. The girl knows exactly how to achieve her goals and be one step ahead of the competition. In 2009, Ivanka changed her religion and became the wife of financier Jared Kushner. The couple has three children.

Beauty transformation

Ivanka Trump is always perfect: perfectly styled hair, light makeup and emphasizing the dignity of the figure of the outfit. But she was not always like that. Before plastic surgery, in the late ’90s, in the photo a brunette with plump cheeks, an expressionless chin and a not-so-perfect nose.

The girl, first of all, decided to change her wardrobe and hair color, repainted in blonde. Feminine dresses appeared in her closet, and after her marriage, she became an adherent of the classics. Ivanka Trump’s outfits regularly the delight of the best stylists.


Disharmony in appearance was brought by an inexpressive chin, against which the childish swelling of the cheeks stood out clearly.

The girl made a correction of the chin with the help of an implant. Ivanka’s cheeks volume decreased due to weight loss or due to the removal of part of the fat. Cosmetic surgery balanced Ivanka’s face and clearly did good, giving her aristocratic look.

The girl does not neglect Botox injections and actively visits a cosmetologist for a facelift. Ivanka Trump certainly does lip contouring but is limited to small doses of filler to maintain the natural volume of the upper and lower lips. Now Ivanka’s smile looks perfect. But in pictures from 1994, when she was still a teenager, her teeth were not so even. As a child, she wore braces for a long time to correct the bite. Veneers were probably installed.

The photo shows that the imperfect nose has become more elegant. Only plastic surgery could rid the nose of a small hump and a curved tip. The nose job was performed very neatly. Thanks to rhinoplasty, Ivanka Trump acquired a beautiful nose.


Boobs were not small But, In late 2006, Ivanka breast augmentation. The correction was not very successful. After the operation, the implants seemed to different sizes.

After the birth of three children, the boobs lost elasticity and a breast lift was made. Now Ivanka Trump does not hesitate to show off big tits in dresses with cleavage.

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