Charlize Theron, Before and After

By | October 20, 2019

During her career, she starred in many box office films, among which of course, “Devil’s Advocate”, which brought her the first recognition of the General public. Charlize’s success is due to the unique ability to transform and amazingly beautiful appearance. Now the actress remains one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. And looking at the photo, you would hardly be able to guess her age. So what is the secret of the star’s youth – in self-care, successful heredity or plastic surgery?


Charlize Theron was born into a family of construction company owners and spent her childhood in the small South African town. Her parents noticed her daughter’s craving for art and sent her to the Ballet Studio. At the age of 16, she won a local beauty contest and beat all competitors in the international model competition. Soon after entering the choreographic school, the girl injured her knee. The injury was incompatible with dancing, and Charlize on the advice of his mother went to conquer Hollywood. The young girl was noticed by a Hollywood agent, and soon she got the first role. The movie “Monster” made Charlize Theron the highest-paid actress of 2006.

Transformation of body

In public, the star always appears in perfect shape. But on the screen, fans saw Charlize in a variety of roles. For example, for the main role in the movie “Monster”, the actress gained weight (pictured left). And a few months later at the Oscar ceremony, the girl appeared with a flawless figure (pictured right).

Fast weight gain and an equally rapid weight loss for the next film negatively affected the health of Charlize Theron: along with fat, she lost muscle mass. The actress says she had to work hard to return the original data: exercise, eat fractional and drink water between snacks. The work done was not in vain, because for the unsurpassed embodied image in this film Charlize received a well-deserved Golden statuette Oscar.

Today, the star is just as selflessly given to creativity. On the set of the film “Tully”, released in 2018, the actress appeared overweight (left photo). After completing the work on the picture, Charlize successfully returned to her perfect shape, showing followers in Instagram flawless figure (photo right, 2019).

The actress claims that yoga, Jogging in the morning and active walks in the fresh air with her children and dogs helped her to lose weight rapidly.

Transformation of beauty

The beauty of Sherlise Theron in her youth was important for career development, and today the actress makes a lot of effort to preserve it. She experiments with weight and, according to many fans, often visits beauticians. Experts and bloggers believe that the eternal youth of the actress – the merit of plastic surgery.

The lack of wrinkles

In her interviews, the actress reluctantly discusses aesthetic medicine, however, she does not oppose this method of rejuvenation. The star says that the frequent change of natural cosmetics with different compositions and spectra of action helps to keep her skin in good shape. The girl does not hide that she regularly takes courses of mesotherapy, and also gives injections of hyaluronic acid and Botox. It should be noted that she uses injections moderately so that facial expressions and naturalness of the face are preserved.

The perfect skin color

Comparing pictures of the young Charlize and modern photos of the actress it becomes obvious that she pays a lot of effort to fight pigmentation. In her youth, the beauty had freckles on her face. To achieve the perfect tone and look younger, the star regularly resorts to hardware cosmetology techniques. Peels and injections help her improve the quality of the skin, get rid of age spots and fine wrinkles.

Plastic surgery

Fans suspect that Charlize Theron did more radical changes in appearance: rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift. They say that the stars in the chin implant is installed, which has changed the face shape and appearance has acquired harmonious features.

However, experts believe that while the actress does without the help of plastic surgeons and limited only to cosmetic procedures. Good genetics, a healthy lifestyle and a unique ability to reincarnate – these are the components of the success of the actress.

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