Blake Lively, Before and After

By | March 17, 2019


Blake Lively always in sight, even during pregnancy: participation in talk shows, numerous film awards, photo shoots for glossy magazines and fashion shows. But even with such a crazy schedule, the actress looks perfect.

A success story

The young beauty was simply obliged to devote her life to acting, as the whole family is connected with the entertainment industry. Blake Lively became the fifth child of a couple of artists and almost grew up on stage.


The first experience of playing in the movie Blake received as a child. In 10 years she starred in the film “Sandman”, but the fame did not come immediately.


The girl went to the auditions for a long time, until she received a role in the teenage Comedy “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.

The beginning career

The real popularity fell to Blake Lively after the role of Serena Celia van Der Woodsen in the youth series “Gossip Girl”.


Personal life

Before meeting her husband, the actress met with her partner in “Gossip Girl” Penn Bengali, as well as with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Penn Bengali

In 2012, Blake Lively and actor Ryan Reynoldson got married, and two years later the couple had a charming daughter James.

Married couple

The actress loves to cook and often pampers native delicious dishes.

After childbirth

At the end of 2014, the actress gave birth to a daughter, and after 8 months already appeared in the dramatic Thriller “The Shallow”. Many fans were amazed at the slim and fit figure in a swimsuit.


Journalists have repeatedly asked how Blake Lively lost weight after giving birth so quickly. She said that exhausting training under the supervision of two coaches and a gluten-free diet helped to get a beautiful relief.

Slim figure in a swimsuit

She studied the labels carefully, looked for soy-free foods, and kept a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fresh vegetables. “The result was amazing, I have never looked so good!”- shared the famous blonde.

 After childbirth

But at the same time, Blake Lively discourages fans to follow her example and considers such changes of a figure after childbirth abnormal. In April 2016, the press reported a couple waiting for the second baby. The actress said that this time will be waiting with weight loss.

Second pregnancy

Before and after plastic surgery

The work of the actress is under the gun, video cameras, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of appearance. Now Blake Lively is a model of beauty, but she did not always possess perfect features.

The 2016 amfAR New York Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in Manhattan New York

Comparison photo of Blake Lively before and after clearly demonstrates that the nose has become more elegant and thinner, disappeared hump, and eyelids lifted, showing the world an open look.

Indications are she had a nose job

Experts confirm that the beautiful nose Blake Lively after surgery is the job of a good specialist in rhinoplasty.

Before and after rhinoplasty

The result was amazing, I have never looked so good!

Breast surgery

In the past, the star was published in outfits that cover the neckline.


But after the appearance on the red carpet in an elegant dress with a stunning neckline, journalists talk about breast surgery of Blake Lively. Or maybe it’s the help of a competent stylist who picked up the right style of clothing?

Breast implants

Experts opinions about the breast implants were divided. The actress herself does not comment on the rumors about the operation.

Signs of breast surgery

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