Scarlett Johansson, Before and After

By | October 20, 2019

Fans always pay attention to reports of plastic surgery. Someone violently protests and condemns, someone who supports any change in appearance. Although most stars do not recognize any interference with natural forms, their photos of past years speak for themselves. Celebrities often put themselves in the hands of a plastic surgeon and look great! Scarlett Johansson is no exception. It was noticed that her Breasts have augmentation significantly and changed the shape of the nose. However, both before and after cosmetic surgery, the appearance of the actress is considered one of the standards of Hollywood beauty.


The future star was born in 1984 in New York. Its unusual appearance it owes to the Jewish roots of the mom and of the Danish dad.

Already in adolescence, Scarlett knew that she would become an actress. Her mother constantly took the girl to auditions for TV shows, movies and commercials.

First serious role Johansson received in 10 years in the movie “North”. After the shoot, Scarlett got a few more roles. The fame came after the release of the film “Lost in Translation”.

After the award for best actress from BAFTA Scarlett Johansson waited in their pictures the most famous Directors.

Plastic surgery

Nature has not deprived of Scarlett beauty. Lovely features, blonde hair and a good figure. In her younger years, Johansson was quite satisfied with her appearance. At the beginning of her career, she opposed any plastic surgery and was going to turn to surgeons only in old age, when makeup, exercise, diet and massage will not hide the shortcomings. Later, she revised her point of view.

In the early 2010s (roughly from 2011 to 2013), Scarlett Johansson made a series of plastic surgeries aimed at changing the shape of the nose and breast size.

Boob Job

According to tabloids, Scarlett Johansson, plastic surgery for which was taboo, decided to the breast augmentation.

The curvy shape looked good on the covers of glossy magazines and in explicit scenes of films. And this actress did not bother, but only as long as she didn’t hear the talk that she gets the roles only because of the acquired bust.

Journalists believe that star decided to get rid of the implants and breast reduction for return to the natural form. Scarlett Johansson herself did not react to these rumors and only said: “I’m proud of my Breasts. I call them my girls.”

Nose job

One has only to look at the photos of the young Scarlett Johansson, as soon as it is seen a fairly large nose, which stands out significantly and slightly violates the harmony of the proportions of the face. In her youth, Scarlett had never had a complex, but later, the Hollywood beauty decided to slightly adjust the nose, making it more elegant.

Experts believe that the plastic surgeon turned out to be a real professional and performed the job so subtly that there is still debate about whether she did rhinoplasty. When about the nose job of Scarlett Johansson wrote the American edition of Us Weekly, the actress sued him. She claimed that this false information casts a shadow on her reputation.

Looking at the photos of later years, you can see that the face of the star has changed a bit and the large nose has transformed into a neat one. Now Scarlett’s face looks more harmonious.


Among the fans of Scarlett many of those who believe that volume the lips were enlarged injections. But here the experts are unanimous: intervention was not. In addition, the actress visited the orthodontist to change the bite and align the teeth, which is why her smile is now perfect!

After beauty transformation

Now, as in her youth, the star does not leave fans indifferent. She has a slim figure, is active in sports and does not recognize any diets. Scarlett likes to experiment with her appearance, easily turns into a curly brown-haired woman, a languid blonde, a fatal brunette. The appearance of the actress is discussed more than the films with her participation.

Scarlett categorically rejects the fact of changing her appearance with the help of plastic surgery. But, comparing photos of different years, we can come to the obvious conclusion: at least three plastic surgeries took place: rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and then reduction. Eyes, cheekbones, oval face – all this is completely by nature and does not require adjustment.

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