Nicole Kidman, Before and After

By | September 9, 2020

Nicole Kidman has become a regular client of plastic surgeons, although she tries to hide it carefully. She changed her Breasts several times, increased her lips and experimented with fillers. Some of these operations brought the proper effect and helped on the way to Hollywood fame. Others, on the contrary, changed her appearance for the worse and caused offensive jokes.

Botox Injections and Lip fillers

Looking at the photo of Nicole Kidman before cosmetic surgery, it is difficult to recognize in that curly girl the star of the world scale, which she became after. Of course, the success of the actress was determined not only by appearance.

She has come a long way from the artist, hiding in the shadow of her husband (Tom Cruise, who, by the way, is also not averse to indulge in Botox), to the “Oscar-winning” actress, taking on the most complex roles.

Kidman didn’t miss and Hollywood fascination with the Botox.

In the early 2000s, Nicole Kidman was first suspected of Botox abuse.

Her skin began to glow artificially, facial expressions almost disappeared, and when trying to smile mouth unnaturally stretched.

Only many years later Nicole Kidman admitted that she really used Botox, but gave up with them forever. However, photos before and after plastic surgery prove that the celebrity still believes in the power of Botox injections.

Especially tragicomically looked Nicole at the premiere of the film “Princess of Monaco” in Cannes in 2014. Critics have smashed the movie for the bad acting. The relatives of grace Kelly was furious because I found many of the biographical inaccuracies. And Nicole was on the red carpet as if immediately after cosmetologist. Her face was puffy, eyes narrowed, and her forehead was once again motionless. She reminded fans of her colleague Uma Thurman, who a few months before her also appeared in public with suspicious swelling on the face.

Lips actress, too, not avoided meeting with fillers. Moreover, many experts believe that the star has resorted to the plastic surgery to change the shape and contour of the mouth. This is noticeable in the photo Nicole Kidman before and after.

Breast augmentation

The actress could never boast of a gorgeous bust. Although it did not stop her from filming in explicit scenes. For example, at Stanley Kubrick in the Thriller “With his eyes wide closed.” But in 2009 fans noted, that Kidman has breast augmentation. Surgeons who analyzed the photo Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery suggested that the actress was important not so much to get a large size, how to tighten the neckline, lost its former shape after pregnancy and age-related changes.

On photos after plastic surgery, the breast looks unnatural. Boobs got a too rounded shape.

Apparently, the star eventually also noticed this flaw and in 2016 reduced the bust.

Now dresses with a deep neckline look at the actress is not so impressive, but she continues to wear them. But her husband Keith Urban and friends of the star agree that Nicole Kidman now looks much better.

Did Nicole Kidman rhinoplasty?

The biggest question is the star’s nose. Many experts, looking at the photo Nicole Kidman before and after, note that her nose has become narrower, and nostrils – more accurate.

Even if Nicole did a nose job, it was performed so skillfully that the changes are almost not noticeable.

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