Nicki Minaj, Before and After

By | November 9, 2020


“God is always with you”. This tattoo reminds Nicki Minaj of a simple truth: even in a difficult situation, there is a way out. Nicki Minaj openly emphasizes his sexuality and competes with Lady Gaga in the extravagance of the image, but it was not always.

Biography Nicki Minaj

Onica Tanya Maraj was born 8 December 1982 in a poor family of an African man and Indian women who lived in Trinidad and Tobago. For a long time, the baby was brought up by her native grandmother, and parents were looking for earnings in America. The mother took the five-year-old Onika to New York, where she quickly had to grow up. The father of the future rap stars drank, took drugs and beat his wife. Because of problems with parents Onika spent the whole days in the street and wrote sad poems while sitting in a car.


Creative talent lush beauty revealed in school years. She sang, participated in theatrical productions and played musical instruments. In the network, you can find a lot of photos of Nicki Minaj before plastics, where she is very young and still in school.

On the big stage, the girl came out in 2007 thanks to rapper Lil Wayne. After listening to Niki’s single, he signed a contract with her.


The real popularity of the beauty brought the album Pink Friday, and the clip Super Bass gained 250 million views.


Today Niki is the richest rap artist. She is the only rap singer, invited to the “Grammy” and caused a furor of his figure.


Personal life

Nicki Minaj skillfully hides his personal life from prying eyes. The press learned that the hot girl 10 years met with Safari Samuels, which demanded her money after the breakup. Failures in love prompted Nicki to write new songs.

Safari Samuels

Heart beauty long remained free. In April 2015, she told on Instagram about the engagement with Mick Mill, and in June returned the ring to the former boyfriend.

Figure and plastic surgery Nicki Minaj

Despite the unique vocal Nicki Minaj, most fans are interested in an unusual figure of beauty. Incendiary songs Nicki Minaj accompanies a bold twerk-dance with rhythmic movements of the buttocks. Amazing proportions of the singer’s body make her one of the most spectacular dancers of this direction. At concerts during the twerking-dance fans see the figure of Nicki Minaj in all its glory, and the big difference between the hips and waist of the singer raises a lot of questions.

Many say that magnificent forms-successful work of plastic surgeons. Herself “Queen of rap” comment on rumors simply: “I don’t mind questions. Everything’s in order. Washing bones is what people are supposed to do.”

But the rumors don’t come out of thin air. Fans discovered the difference in the photo before and after the plastic. Nicki Minaj before plastic had a less impressive size of the ass and boobs.

In the pictures after surgery clearly see the shape of the breast implants.

Plastic surgeons do not exclude that the girl did rhinoplasty. In the photos of Nicki Minaj after plastic surgery, the tip of the nose became thinner.

The plastic surgeon commented on scandalous photos from performances at Fashion Rocks and iHeartRadio Music and explained the unnatural bends body of Niki Minaj with the presence of implants.

Nicky denies plastic surgery of the face. And about implants breasts and buttocks is silent. In turn, representatives of the star explain the changes in the figure of Niki Minaj not by plastic surgery, but by gaining weight.

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