Barry Manilow, Before and After

By | February 14, 2023

During his long career in the music business, Barry Manilow has released more than 75 million CDs worldwide, and who would blame him for wanting to stay young after 70 years? However, the singer himself rejects rumors about his plastic surgeries and says that the hype makes him angry and worried. But this is probably because the operations were not performed as well as he expected, and it is noticeable on his face.

The singer tried to explain the reason and talked in an interview about health problems and side effects that are caused by treatment and because of which there were rumors about a facelift.

Manilow said he had had cysts removed from his face in the past. He also admitted that he tried to inject botox, but he did not like the result. According to rumors, in 2003 Barry had a facial and eyelid surgery. The rumors intensified after Barry was spotted leaving the hospital wearing a hat and sunglasses.

His nose and eyelid shape were changed, and his cheekbones were enlarged. There was also a forehead lift. Barry’s face became visually bigger after the doctors’ work, and his cheekbones seemed to swell. It can hardly be called a successful cosmetic surgery.

Previously, he was mentioned as a talented singer and handsome, now Barry Manilow is more often spoken of as a victim of plastic surgery. Barry himself denies everything, but there is no doubt about it — the plastic surgery was and was unsuccessful. Fillers that were supposed to make a masculine chin added puffiness and blurred the contour of the face.

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