Devon Sawa, Before and After

By | June 15, 2022

In the actor Devon Sawa, it is difficult to recognize the cute kid who played the role of Casper. And it’s all the fault numerous plastic surgeries and the desire to give the appearance of masculinity.

Devon Sawa in his youth

The movie “Casper” brought unprecedented success to the young actor Devon Sawa. He became the idol of millions of girls overnight. The ghost boy was remembered for all his unusual charm — a sweet, captivating sincerity smile. Largely due to his appearance, slightly provincial, cute and simple, he was remembered by many viewers.

It would seem that now Devon didn’t need to do anything to continue his impressive creative career on the wave of fame. Indeed, at first Devon’s career was quite successful.

But the son of an ordinary housewife and a simple electrician from Canada suddenly seemed that he was not noble enough and, they say, nature let him down a little, awarding him a rustic appearance. Apparently, the evil one whispered in his ear, playing on the actor’s morbid self-esteem.

Plastic surgery

As a result, Devon Sawa boldly went to a plastic surgeon and had a nose job. And then it started, and the actor, in pursuit of brutality and the desire to turn into a real handsome, changed beyond recognition.

Of course, his own mother recognized him in a new image. But direct employers, that is, directors, were unpleasantly surprised. And now they no longer saw the actor Devon Sawa, who lost his charm overnight. The new image of the actor clearly did not like the directors: they suddenly closed the doors of Hollywood in front of him.

From that moment on, his creative career began to decline sharply: he simply became uninteresting to directors. Yes, sometimes Devon starred in independent films, but it didn’t go beyond that. According to the actor himself, he found solace only in family happiness, raising two children.

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