Uma Thurman, Before and After

By | July 25, 2021

The appearance of the actress Uma Thurman, the muse of the eccentric director Quentin Tarantino, has always been the cause of discussions. Glossy magazines have repeatedly declared her a “sex symbol”, many famous photographers consider her ideal. At the same time, Tarantino himself drew attention to her when he saw her big feet when she was going down the stairs.

However, others refer Uma Thurman to the list of the ugliest actresses in Hollywood. It was often said in the yellow press that she should have started her career with several plastic surgeries.

It seems that Uma herself came to this conclusion, although quite late: if you believe the rumors, she underwent a facelift and a boob job.

Breast augmentation

Uma Thurman is not one of those who like to change often. The image of an elegant blonde has remained unchanged for many years. But everyone immediately paid attention to the “metamorphosis” of her breasts.

How did it all start?

It is difficult to deny that the figure of Uma Thurman is one of the main advantages of her appearance. Legendary couturiers have always been happy to dress her up in the most exquisite dresses to emphasize her perfect silhouette.

The chest of the star of “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill” could not be called large. In her youth, when she had already started working as a model and acting in the first films, many people paid attention to the correct proportions of the body.

When was the boob job done?

It would seem that even in her youth, the actress had beautiful forms. So why was it necessary to change something?

Everything was changed by the second pregnancy when the actress’s breasts became noticeably larger. After the birth of the child, the tissues lost their natural elasticity and her chest sagged. The boobs could not recover on their own due to strong stretching.

It seems that Uma Thurman still found time in her busy shooting schedule and did a breast lift with implants. The result of the operation was immediately appreciated by the fans of the star. The changes can be easily traced even from photos of different years.

What was the result?

Many people believe that the new breast is the result of the excellent work of the surgeon. The parameters are verified with precision, which allows the creation of natural and elastic shapes.

With new tits, she began to look young and fresh. Her former attractiveness returned to her.

After a successful operation, Uma Thurman became energetic and bright, the owner of a sports figure.

Even if someone still doubts this, it is worth taking a look at the photos before and after.

Face Lift

In 2015, 44-year – old Uma Thurman came out to the event for the first time after a long break-and immediately made people talk about themselves. The reason was not the premiere of the series “The Slap”, and the face of the star.

It is obvious that the celebrity chose a new image for herself. Instead of eyes, she focused on her lips. And yet, the swollen cheeks and the changed shape of the eyes seriously made the press think about the reasons for the change in the actress’s face.

“Is it really cosmetic surgery?» – the public asked.

However, if you compare the photos of a very young star and her pictures of 2006-2007, the difference even in this case will become obvious. Wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and lips periodically appear and disappear, which clearly indicates the frequent visits of the star to the cosmetologist.

Uma Thurman became interested in Botox and fillers more than a decade ago. Then the press often pointed out the unnatural facial expressions of celebrities and the complete absence of wrinkles and folds, which, unfortunately, did not always paint the face of the actress.

Did Uma Thurman have facial plastic surgery?

Everyone is inclined to answer this question in their own way. So, make-up artist Troy Sarrat, who stood up for his client, said that it was makeup that caused the rumors about facelift.

“I thought everyone was already aware of the important role makeup plays in the lives of celebrities as a means of creative expression. I think women should feel free to experiment with different images, it’s just cosmetics, and it will not be difficult to wash it off,” says Troy.

The makeup artist says that he decided to move away from the usual makeup with false eyelashes and focused on the lips of Uma.

But opinions of the public are divided:

Some believe that the actress did a facelift and blepharoplasty. The strange swelling on the face is just proof of the rehabilitation period. The actress’s chin and cheekbones also look a little more voluminous.

Others believe that Uma did nothing. All her radical changes are associated with a different style of makeup. If you look at the shape of the eyelids and her facial expressions, you can see that Thurman is absolutely the same. Upper eyelid overhang – insignificant (as it was, it remains). There are wrinkles under the lower eyelid, and in general, she looks at her age. Of course, it is noticeable that she maintains her beauty with the help of cosmetology. Obviously, she does botox injections and simple cosmetic skincare, but there is no plastic surgery.

The shape of her nose has not changed, the nose job was not there, the oval of her face is the same. The changes that are visible in the photo are most likely the result of injections and new makeup.

Uma herself commented on the situation with the help of People magazine: “I guess no one liked my makeup.”

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