Salma Hayek, Before and After

By | July 24, 2021

The figure of Salma Hayek is discussed in the media every year. Almost every new appearance of the star of “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” in public makes a grand impression on others. Salma not only manages to look young after 50 but also still causes envy among young girls.

What plastic surgeries did Salma Hayek have?


Mexican beauty Salma Hayek hotly denies plastic surgery and proudly answers “No” to uncomfortable questions about aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

However, in 2015, the appearance of the actress in a dress with a stunning neckline at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards ceremony provoked rumors about breast augmentation.

Even plastic surgeons, comparing photos of Salma Hayek before and after, doubted the naturalness of such magnificent forms.

Salma did a boob job or changes in the shape and size of the bust are associated with fluctuations in weight and dress style?

Salma Hayek in her youth never had breast implants installed, as she always had a beautiful shape.

With age and after feeding children, the volume naturally increased, but after 45, the actress had problems with the sagging of the chest. Judging by the photos of recent years, Salma Hayek has undergone a surgical breast lift and inserted implants.

How did it all start?

The typical figure of Mexican women is distinguished by curvy forms, and Salma Hayek is no exception. Already in many of the first films that brought her fame, she often appears in revealing costumes and half-naked.

This is not at all surprising, because many viewers watched films with her participation just for the sake of admiring her beautiful figure.

The beauty of Salma Hayek is natural because the gorgeous Mexican woman never turned to plastic surgeons in her youth. Many noted that her physique is almost perfect.

To emphasize the beautiful breasts, she dressed in low-cut dresses. Salma obviously liked it, because she herself was always sure that she was beautiful.

Childbirth, breastfeeding, and age-related changes caused the loss of tissue elasticity, which resulted in the sagging of the boobs. In some dresses, it was clear that Salma Hayek had a delicate problem.

As you know, breast sagging can not be eliminated without surgical help. Boobs begin to sag when they lose their natural elastic properties.

If the breast is initially large, with age and after childbirth, it can “fall” down. Of course, for an actress who needs to appear in public often and act in films, such a defect is significant.

Perhaps at first, Salma did not attach any importance to the problem and for a long time, she still continued to wear low-cut clothes. But others began to notice that the figure of the actress was “not what it was before”.

When was the boob job done?

At some point, she still had to think about a surgical breast lift. On the eve of the 50th anniversary, the star decided to make herself a “gift” and was able to find free time for plastic surgery.

What was the result?

With the help of installed breast implants, she restored former elasticity but also recreated a luxurious shape. Indeed, thanks to the lifting, the bust looks visually larger.

Salma Hayek looks amazing now. The owner of luxurious forms and big tits, bright and charming.


Experts say that Salma Hayek did a nose job. Correction of the shape of the nose can be considered ideal. The operation did not entail any side effects and external deformities.

Some changes can be traced back to 1993, at the very beginning of the actress’s career.

In Hollywood, they do not like “fleshy” noses, aristocracy is valued there. Many movie stars decided to have rhinoplasty to get the coveted roles in good films. Salma Hayek was no exception.

Looking at her impressive filmography, we now understand that all these beauty transformations were not in vain.

Experts noticed that Salma, in comparison with earlier photos, has a slight sagging of the medial legs – large cartilages that separate the nostrils from each other. The tip of the nose also has a modified structure.

The actress has a lot of photos, so it’s not difficult to track the changes associated with rhinoplasty. But in general, they all benefited the Mexican woman. Her appearance has really become more aristocratic, and her nose and face look quite harmonious.

Face Lift

And again, we see a successful experience of communicating with plastic surgeons. If we talk about American specialists, they have been working for more than one dozen years, and in good clinics, operations are rarely unsuccessful.

Salma Hayek, more than 50 years old, and she looks like she is no more than 30 years old. Neither Botox injections nor expensive creams can be effective for so long.

Despite the fact that the marks from the stitches on the face are almost invisible, on closer inspection, you can notice clear evidence near the actress’s ear. A small seam in this area testifies to a circular facelift.

In addition, Salma does not have ptosis or drooping of soft facial tissues, there are no deep wrinkles, and clear contours of the face are still preserved.

Professionals saw this as a masterful work of their colleagues.

Salma Hayek does not seek to part with her money for the sake of constantly improving her appearance and in pursuit of her outgoing youth. All operations are aimed at achieving a certain result. However, it is impossible to look so amazing at her age without injecting fillers into the lips, cheekbones, and nasolabial folds.

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