Adriana Lima, Before and After

By | July 26, 2021

Adriana Lima is a world-famous supermodel, the face of the Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline brands. Many popular publications call her one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Before and after plastic surgery

Adriana Francesca was born in 1981 in the Brazilian town of Salvador. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a doctor and did not even think about working in the modeling business. But already at a young age, the innate beauty of the girl put everything in its place.

At the age of 15, having accidentally appeared together with a friend at a beauty contest, Adriana reaches the final and wins. She is noticed by the world’s fashion houses, and her career makes an incredible leap.

The appearance on the Vassarette advertising poster opens a new career page. Now Adriana Lima’s photos adorn the covers of leading glossy magazines.

In 2015, the girl took second place in the international ranking of the most paid models, earning about nine million US dollars in twelve months.

No less interesting is the personal life of Adriana. Now the supermodel is raising two children from her marriage to basketball player Marko Yarish.

The appearance of the Brazilian supermodel has changed throughout her career. If you look at how Adriana Lima looked in the photo before and after plastic surgery, you can see that her breasts increased by at least one size.

Also, some people note small changes in the shape of the nose. Of course, Adriana herself does not comment on these assumptions in any way, and fans blame everything on makeup, professional lighting, and underwear with a push-up effect.


Especially for the Victoria’s Secret show, Adriana once underwent breast augmentation surgery to look perfect in branded swimwear.

Someone thinks that the size of the implants was chosen too large for her. Later, Adriana had a second operation to reduce her bust by one size.

Adriana has never openly discussed the problem of small breast size, but when many supermodels began to sign up for plastic surgery, she decided to follow their example as well. At the same time, fans are sure that she has one of the most successful plastic surgeries for breast augmentation.

When was the breast augmentation surgery performed?

The agent of Adriana Lima said that his ward had never even thought of having plastic surgery: “What are you! Adriana does not and has never had any complexes about her appearance. Don’t complexes lead to plastic surgeons?”.

But the photos are perfect proof of the boob job, which, according to the assumption, the supermodel underwent at the age of 24-25 years.

What was the result?

Rumors about mammoplasty reached Adriana Lima herself, to which she once replied: “In the world of fashion models, plastic surgery is quite a normal phenomenon. Why should I be surprised? Another thing is me. I have Brazilian roots, all the women in my family had curvy shapes of the bust.”

But at the age of 20, for some reason, she did not have such external data, which Adriana spoke about.

Gossips laughs that Lima did the boob job, but at the same time does not even hesitate to openly lie to reporters in response.

The boobs of Adriana Lima were really impressive until after giving birth she appeared on Victoria’s Secret catwalk with miniature breast size.

If you believe the rumors, at the age of 33-34, the supermodel replaced the round implants with anatomical ones and also chose a different size.

Not everyone understood Adriana Lima’s act because the previous result of the operation perfectly suited her parameters and remained a subject of admiration for a long time.

Was this decision correct?

No one can answer this question, because the opinion, as always, is divided. Plastic surgeons are convinced that in any case, both operations were performed perfectly.


The change in the shape of the nose, especially its tip, is also obvious.

She did rhinoplasty at the beginning of her career.

After the nose job, the tip of the nose is slightly narrower than we see in youthful photos.


There is no doubt that Adriana is injecting Botox and doing contouring with fillers – this is noticeable in the middle part of the face.

As for the condition of her skin, it is beautiful. And lips look natural.


When comparing the photos of different years, you can see how Adriana’s teeth have changed. Obviously, she installed the veneers. Now her smile is great.


Lima’s hair is naturally black curly, the same structure as that of African women, and she herself admitted that she used to suffer a lot because of her excessively thick, voluminous, and unruly hair, so since the 2000s, she has done chemical straightening.

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