Madelaine Petsch, Before and After

By | November 11, 2021

After a role in the youth TV series “Riverdale”, the red-haired beauty Madelaine Petsch has many fans. They are following the personal life of the actress, looking for unusual facts of biography, and wondering if Madelaine Petsch did plastic surgery.

Madelaine Petsch in her youth

Madelaine was born and lived with her mother and brother in the United States. And her father moved after the divorce in South Africa.

At the school in the small town of Port Orchard, classmates disliked a girl with a bright appearance, long red hair, and an accent.

Madelaine Petsch says that as a child she felt very strange because of the attacks of her peers. Her older brother even had to protect her.

The future star was seriously fond of dancing, studied in a theater studio, and dreamed of fame. Right after graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and hired an agent to turn her dreams into reality.

However, for the first time, the audience saw Madelaine not in a movie, but in a Coca-Cola advertisement. The manager considered shooting for a well-known company a great start and hoped that all the bosses of the film industry would see the red-haired beauty. Her perky laughing face was not only on the packaging but also on billboards around the world. The agent’s idea worked, and the offers of roles were not long in coming.

The acting career of Madelaine Petsch

The girl made her film debut in 2015, playing in the film “The Hive” and the TV series “Instant Mom”.

But the real success came only a year later. The actress became famous after the release of the TV series for teenagers “Riverdale”. Madelaine played a wealthy bitchy girl Cheryl Blossom, who lost her brother in a mysterious accident.

For this work, she was awarded the Teen Choice Awards in the category “Best Outburst of Anger” and the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The series quickly fell in love with young people, and it was renewed for a second season. The previously unknown actress has acquired a whole army of fans and millions of followers on Instagram.

In 2018, the full-length film “F*&% the Prom” was released with the participation of Madelaine Petsch, and after that the premiere of the horror film “Polaroid” took place. In addition, Madelaine runs a popular YouTube channel, where she posts funny videos and talks about her life.

Did Madelaine Petsch have plastic surgeries?

Viewers often question the naturalness of Madelaine Petsch’s appearance and assume that her lips, hair, and eyelashes are the result of the work of beauty industry specialists.

A celebrity is very annoyed by such comments. In one of the interviews, she literally exclaimed that she has everything of her own: lips, hair color, nose, cheekbones, breasts, and even buttocks. Madelaine’s curls have really always been a beautiful copper shade, thick and long, but the actress is most likely lying about her plump lips.

She has clearly visible small rollers above the upper lip, which appear with the excessive introduction of fillers. In addition, in earlier photos, the lips look a little thinner.

The star of “Riverdale” loves artificial eyelashes, which are so scolded by fans.

Madelaine Petsch has a slim figure. Since the age of 14, the star adheres to vegetarianism and declares that he feels much healthier thanks to the rejection of meat, milk, and eggs.

The girl says that she loves tattoos, but she does not dare to do it herself yet. She believes that the next day she will regret it, so she enjoys the drawings on her boyfriend’s body.

Madelaine Petsch has become a new teen idol thanks to her charm, spontaneity, and bright role, and plump lips and long eyelashes have become the details that complement her image.

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