Lisa Kudrow, Before and After

By | July 10, 2021

The example of Lisa Kudrow the star of the TV series “Friends” once again proves how much plastic surgery can change fate. Having entrusted her appearance to plastic surgeons in her youth, the actress made one of the most correct decisions in her life, which influenced her future career and successful future.

Before and after rhinoplasty

It is not known how the fate of the famous actress would have turned out if in her youth she had not decided to lie on the table of a plastic surgeon. During her school years, Lisa considered her appearance really disgusting and had a complex because of her too-big nose.

In addition, according to Kudrow, her nose gave away her Polish-Jewish origin. At the school where she studied, anti-Semitic sentiments reigned, so the girl was often laughed at by her peers and was not accepted into her company.

The last straw was the case when two close friends asked Lisa to leave them alone for her own good. After such a betrayal, the performer of the role of the inimitable Phoebe decided to change her school appearance and start a new life.

At the age of 16, her parents paid for the rhinoplasty, which seriously influenced the girl’s future.

Lisa Kudrow did a nose job in the summer before entering a new educational institution.

According to the star, the operation did not turn her into beauty but made her ordinary and even cute.

The nose has become thinner and shorter, and its shape has acquired a more harmonious outline. At the new college, no one knew what Lisa looked like before. She made friends, became more liberated, and got rid of complexes.

However, it was the experience of the white crow, which the team does not always accept, that helped Kudrow to embody the image of Phoebe on the screen. It was this role of a strange masseuse that made her famous all over the world.

Even during the filming of “Friends”, the blonde became a mother and realized that children are the most important thing for her. After this significant event, the acting career gradually came to naught.


Rumor has it that at a young age Lisa Kudrow did a boob job. But soon after beginning filming in the TV series “Friends”, she had a breast reduction. The actress herself denies having inserted breast implants and says that her boobs have always been natural.


Film critics noticed that the star began to look bad, much older than his years. The fact is that Lisa is an adherent of vegetarianism and everything natural. For a long time, the actress refused botox injections, preferring natural aging.

However, in 2012, on The Tonight Show, she appeared younger by at least a dozen years. Most likely, the actress still decided on a course of injections, which so greatly transformed the face.

In 2018, at the Emmy Award ceremony, the 55-year-old actress once again made a splash. It seems that she was able to turn back the clock or just did a facelift and found a good cosmetologist. This is evidenced by her clear oval face, high rounded cheekbones, tucked-up chin, and a significantly reduced number of wrinkles.

There were different periods in Lisa Kudrow’s life, and the relationship with her own appearance was constantly changing. After many years since the release of “Friends”, it seems that she has hardly changed, the same radiant smile, perky eyes, and a cute face framed by blonde hair. The ability to resort to the help of aesthetic medicine when it is really necessary and the absence of fear of old age can definitely be learned from her.

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