Cillian Murphy, Before and After

By | November 18, 2021

Irish, Scottish and British actors are at the peak of popularity today. Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Michael Fassbender are the most successful actors in Hollywood, not least because of their unique appearance. The popularity of Cillian Murphy, a pure-blooded Irishman with an unusual look of light blue eyes and sculpted cheekbones, is also growing rapidly today. The actor’s talent is not questioned, but the original appearance raises suspicions about the intervention of plastic surgeons.

The path to glory

Cillian Murphy was born in 1976 in the Irish town of Cork in a large family. Murphy’s relatives are not connected with the creative elite: his parents, grandparents are teachers. It was assumed that Cillian would follow in the footsteps of his relatives, but he became interested in music and created his own band as a teenager. Cillian Murphy was not going to associate his life with acting before plastic surgery.

As often happens in the fate of stars, Cillian got into the world of theater and cinema by accident. Pat Kiernan, the art director of a local theater company, came to the college where he studied with an author’s master class in drama. He noticed a talented young man and offered a role in a theatrical production.

But that drama lesson did not become a ticket to the top of Olympus for the young man. For quite a long time, Murphy received only minor roles in the Irish theater.

Everything changed after the young actor was spotted by the director of the film “Sunburn” Nelson Hum and invited him to the main role.

The first major international project where Murphy played the main role was the horror film “28 Days Later”. It was after this work with Danny Boyle that the audience recognized the actor on the streets.

Murphy’s popularity was cemented by roles in the films “Batman Begins” by Christopher Nolan and “Red Eye” by Wes Craven.

However, many agree that Murphy’s worldwide fame was brought by his work on TV.

All four seasons of the crime series “Peaky Blinders” were favorably received by critics, and the audience was delighted.

The role of Thomas Shelby, the head of a criminal clan, is called one of the brightest in the career of Cillian.

Murphy protects his personal life from scrutiny. But it is known that Cillian Murphy is an exemplary family man. He has been married to artist Yvonne McGuinness for more than 20 years, and the couple has two sons.

Cillian Murphy before and after plastic surgery

Fans are haunted by the non-standard appearance of the actor. Many believe that Cillian has repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons for the sake of acquiring more elegant and aristocratic features. Of particular interest are high, regular cheekbones, lips, and a neat nose.

In the photo of Cillian Murphy before and after plastic surgery, you can notice some difference, which is difficult to attribute only to age-related facial changes.

Fans believe that Murphy did rhinoplasty, as a result of which his nose became narrow, the tip neater and slightly upturned, and the bridge of the nose is very smooth.

Another assumption is the removal of Bichat lumps to give the cheekbones more expressiveness and aristocracy. Indeed, if you look at the old photos of Cillian Murphy before plastic surgery, you can see that the young actor had no hollows in the cheekbones area.

Probably, Cillian’s lips were given by nature, and not by a cosmetologist: experts do not find the outlines characteristic of fillers.

Fans have no doubt that Cillian Murphy did contour his face with help of injectable fillers and tried botox. The forty-year-old actor has almost no wrinkles on his face, which raises doubts that he chose the path of natural aging.

It is worth noting that Cillian Murphy’s plastic surgeries were clearly done by professionals, as the actor looks flawless today. Thanks to his acting talent and impeccable appearance, offers from famous directors come to the actor one after another.

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