Lisa Marie Presley, Before and After

By | April 20, 2023

Probably everyone is familiar with the work of Elvis Presley. His daughter Lisa Marie Presley followed in her father’s footsteps and became a singer. In 2003, her first music album was released. He almost immediately found himself in the fifth position in the ranking of the 200 best albums. Lisa herself was the author of all the songs. After the release of the album, the star went on a UK tour. Then she released 2 more successful albums, and her songs became hits.

Many are interested in the biography of the famous singer’s only daughter. Well, she’s really fascinating!

Lisa Marie Presley in her youth

The girl was born in 1968, nine months after her parents’ wedding. After the parents divorced, she lived with her mother.


She studied mainly in boarding schools, several times the girl was expelled from schools because of drug problems. She started using drugs at the age of thirteen, at the age of seventeen she managed to get rid of addiction.


Presley only heir

In 1977, Lisa became the heiress of the estate together with her grandfather and great-grandmother. And after the death of relatives in 1980, Marie became the sole heiress of Graceland.


At the time of Elvis’s death, his fortune was estimated at only a few million dollars, but the interest of the tourist attraction Graceland and in the singer’s work contributed to the active growth of assets.


When she turned 25 in 1993, her estate was estimated at $100 million.


In early 2018, Lisa Marie stated that her fortune had been reduced to $14,000 because her former business manager was acting in his own interests. She sued him, accusing him of reckless and negligent management of affairs.

Personal life

She married for the first time in 1988 to musician Danny Keogh. In 1994, she divorced him.

Immediately after the divorce, the wedding of Lisa and Michael Jackson took place.

They first met in 1975, when the girl was only 7 years old. The friendship between them began in 1992. The couple constantly kept in touch by phone. Lisa supported Michael emotionally when he was accused of child abuse. Soon Marie began to fall in love with him. But their marriage was not destined to last long. They broke up in 1996.

Presley’s third husband was Nicolas Cage.

In 2006, the wedding of Lisa and Michael Lockwood. In 2016 the woman filed for divorce.

Marie has 2 children from her first marriage: daughter Danielle Riley Kio and son Benjamin Kio.

In 2008, Lisa had twin girls from her fourth husband, Harper Vivien Ann and Finley Aaron Love.


In 2017, Presley stated that she has alcohol and drug addiction, so she began treatment in a specialized clinic.

“I don’t want to die like a father!” — Elvis’s daughter admitted that she doesn’t want to repeat the fate of her father.

Plastic surgery

To preserve the oval of the face, the singer had liposuction of the jawline, facelift, and contouring with filler injections were performed. Botox injections have also been used in the forehead and nasolabial folds.



Lisa has always had beautiful lips. But in some photos, the lips look fuller. Perhaps she experimented with injections of fillers into her lips.

In 2019, the paparazzi took pictures of 50-year-old Lisa Marie Presley leaving the aesthetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, accompanied by medical staff.

Cause of death

Lisa Marie Presley passed away at the age of 54. Two days before her death, she attended the Golden Globe ceremony, where she gave several interviews and posed on the red carpet.

Lisa Marie Presley died three weeks before her 55th birthday, which was supposed to happen on February 1, 2023. However, on January 12, an ambulance crew was called to the home of Elvis’ sole heiress. On the way to the clinic, she underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation. However, a few hours later, doctors pronounced her dead.

Lisa Marie’s condition worried her loved ones and was discussed by the public just a few days before the tragic event, when the 54-year-old woman appeared at the Golden Globe Award ceremony.

Lisa Marie, two days before her own death, looked depressed. Careful makeup, styling, and stylish attire seemed to further accentuate her empty, absent look.

Every word was hard for her. Although those who knew Lisa Marie and her family understood that the last two–plus years of her life were hard for her – from the day when her son Ben committed suicide in July 2020.

“To hold on, to live, to move on is a choice. And I have to do it every day, sometimes being on the verge of refusing to choose …” – these are the lines that Presley wrote specifically for People magazine in August 2022. “For two years now I have been living in a painful reality, and despite the time that has passed, the pain and guilt do not weaken, it does not get easier for me,” Lisa Marie wrote.

“The burden of grief will have to be borne all my life, the pain will not weaken and will not go away. Society and our culture suggest the opposite, instilling hope, but for all these “you will cope” I will honestly say – this will not happen.”


Ben, one of her four children, passed away at the age of 28. “He took my heart and soul with him,” the inconsolable Lisa Marie Presley said more than once. Many people close to her had no doubt: the death of the guy broke Lisa Marie. The attention and love of Priscilla Presley’s mother and three daughters – 33-year-old Riley Keough and 14–year-old twins Harper and Finley – did not give her proper comfort and support. Despite all the efforts of the family, Lisa Marie was fading away.

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