Jane Seymour, Before and After

By | May 24, 2023

Actress Jane Seymour seems to know the secret of eternal youth and unfading beauty. Many people are interested in what helps an actress at her age to stay in shape and not lose attractiveness.

Then and now

The actress was born in the suburbs of London on February 15, 1951. Jane’s real name is Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. In her veins flows a mixture of British, Dutch, German, Polish and Jewish bloodlines. She took her pseudonym in order to be remembered by the viewer faster, because Jane Seymour was the name of the third wife of King Henry the Eighth.

Already at the age of 18, Jane played her first role in the film. A little later, she played the very role that thousands of aspiring actresses dream of. Seymour is a 1973 Bond girl.

That year, Jane starred for Playboy magazine for the first time, and subsequently did it twice more, the last time at the age of 67. Then she said that she felt even sexier than in her youth.

In ancient times, she could have been called a witch — not only because of her unusual eyes (one brown, the other green), but also because this woman seems to know the secret of “eternal youth”.

In an interview, Seymour said: “With age, I came to accept who I am and how I look. I feel freer now than when I was younger, then I tried too hard to be someone else.”

Plastic surgery

Popular American actress Jane Seymour gave a candid interview in which she expressed her opinion about plastic surgery.

Jane Seymour admitted that she had plastic surgery. However, earlier the British actress claimed that she had never in her entire life fallen under the knife of plastic surgeons.

At the age of 67, the actress unexpectedly admitted that she had done a boob job. In an interview, Seymour said that she ventured into plastic surgery in order to “replace what the children ate.”

Jane Seymour has repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. Which he doesn’t regret at all.

British actress Jane Seymour finally admitted that she had plastic surgery. Earlier, she said that her aging process was natural. In numerous interviews, she claimed that she had never used the services of plastic surgeons. Now the star said that she had a number of operations, including the installation of breast implants.

Jane Seymour did mammoplasty for filming in a romantic movie. According to the plot, she needed to seduce a man younger than herself and show him her breasts. But after giving birth, her breasts did not look the best. Therefore, the actress turned to a plastic surgeon and made herself a seductive breast. The actress does not regret her decision.

“I fattened the first two children, and my boobs changed shape. I’ve never had big breasts. I wanted to get my breasts back to their former shape. But I have never chosen large implants, only small ones. I didn’t need the size, but the shape. After a boob job, my clothes fit better on me, and my breasts look better too. It was the right decision,” Jane said.

The actress does not hide that in the past she turned to a surgeon to remove bags under her eyes. “It’s just that photographers are already tired of retouching them,” Jane explained her desire to do blepharoplasty.

The actress said that she had tried Botox injections and did not like the effect. She doesn’t believe in anti-aging treatments, but she believes in the importance of accepting herself and her aging.

“I’m proud of my wrinkles. “They define the character of the face. As an actress, I constantly have to try on different destinies. Therefore, it is very important that the face retains the ability to express any emotions. And Botox gives you something that you wouldn’t want to have as an actress,” said Jane Seymour.

“I don’t believe in surgical youth,” Jane says of the facelift. But she believes in whole-body skin care. “Few people remember what’s below the neck. But age gives out not only the face, but also the neckline, and arms, and legs. I want to look natural. I see too many people who have completely lost their individuality. A new haircut changed my life! Just do bangs, it helps to hide wrinkles on the forehead. ” — admitted the actress.

“The main problem of women is that they fixate on their age and give up too early. If you follow your diet, exercise and stay a positive person, you can look good for a very long time,” the actress explained.

Beauty Secrets

Let’s find out the secrets of Jane Seymour, which allow her to preserve her beauty and youth for many years.

Positive attitude towards the world and others. More smiles and less negative emotions. Then the face will acquire a peaceful, relaxed expression. Negative emotions can add a few extra years to you.

Sport. Jane never sits still. She is constantly on the move, loves to walk around London. Thus, all the calories she consumes in a day are converted into energy. This is the main secret of a toned body. In addition, Jane enjoys yoga and Pilates. This is a great opportunity to keep your muscles in good shape.

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Seymour refused white bread, tries not to eat a lot of sweet and fried. The actress does not eat three hours before bedtime.

Daily facial skin care. Jane cleanses her face well in the morning and evening. After all, a lot of negative factors affect the face during the day. The actress advises washing with cold water and using a cleanser according to skin type. It will remove all dirt from the face and give a fresh look and radiance. Also, do not forget to apply the cream.

Jane Seymour tries to use decorative cosmetics as little as possible, preferring to do it only before filming or events.

“In the morning before an important shoot, I use a facial scrub, and then apply a moisturizer. Only after that you can do makeup. Almost every evening, after I took off my makeup, I use a retinol remedy,” the actress said.

Sunlight can leave pigmented spots on the skin and causes early aging of facial cells. To prevent this from happening, use a sunscreen (apply it on your face before going out in the sun), and glasses as additional protection.

“I would like to tell the young version of myself — the girl who lived in England, where it is usually cloudy and rainy, that she should not bask in the sun during the entire two weeks of vacation. I stopped sunbathing a long time ago. I think it also had a positive effect on the appearance,” the actress explains.

Jane doesn’t like short hair. After all, you can do much more hairstyles with long ones. She carefully takes care of her hair. Every time she washes, she uses conditioner and nourishing masks.

Jane has been suffering from heterochromia since birth. The actress has eyes of different colors. But this little flaw does not spoil it at all.

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