Britney Spears, Before and After

By | September 20, 2020


Britney Spears is credited with regular trips to plastic surgeons and abuse of aesthetic medicine because of the amazing metamorphosis of the appearance of the pop star shock the public. The appearance of the star often changes: she is a lush middle-aged woman with wrinkles, then a slender young beauty with a tightened face. What is the reason for the beauty transformation? Britney herself does not comment on the photo before and after and does not answer the insidious questions about plastic surgery.


How changed by appearance Britney Spears

Hard work has brought excellent results and at the end of 2012, Britney recognized as the richest singer (she earned 58 million dollars). Work “25 hours a day”, had a positive impact on the material condition of the pop star, but had a bad effect on her appearance.

then and now

Glossy publications notice that in just a few years from a pretty, successful, slender girl Britney turned into a tired woman of uncertain age. She smiles at the camera and poses, trying to hide her tiredness.


She tries to pull herself together and caring for your appearance for the sake of her boyfriend and fans. Singer successfully tours the world and demonstrates sporting success on stage, wears revealing outfits.


Britney Spears before and after plastic surgery

There is an opinion that the popular American singer has repeatedly appealed to plastic surgeons. The subject of the complaint of the singer served as both her face and body. Obvious is just one operation – rhinoplasty carried out in the early 2000s. A new nose – a small copy of the nose, which gave of nature.

nose job

Journalists believe that even as a minor, young Britney did mammoplasty. The chest seemed to her insufficiently elastic, what was the reason for re-operation. However, fans question this statement. The Breasts of the pop star could well change because of the constant weight jumps, age and pregnancy. Experts do not accept any of the parties and argue sensibly. Perhaps Britney increased her Breasts before the birth of children, and after only corrected ptosis.


The American media is credited Britney for a tummy tuck after giving birth – correction of the abdomen. However, neither a singer nor the experts do not confirm these conjectures. Most likely the pop star lost weight on their own with the help of the gym and cosmetic procedures. It is possible that the singer used, for example, ultrasonic liposuction to remove excess fat.

The singer is actively using contouring: in the photo before and after a noticeable change in the shape and volume of the lips.


Personal life

Relations with 23-year-old mannequin Sam Asghari changed the singer’s life for the better. Britney Spears just came to her senses and pulled herself together: she brought the body in order, took up yoga and clearly resumed trips to cosmetologists. Britney announced the end of his show in Las Vegas and the sale of the house in Los Angeles and then went on tour in Asia. I would like to believe that a singer is done with bad habits that affect health and beauty.

with mannequin Sam Asgari

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