Jennifer Lopez, Before and After

By | October 3, 2020

Jennifer Lopez is not shy of your appearance and openly emphasizes the figure of revealing outfits. It seems the singer knows how to cheat time and stay sexy at any age. Plastic surgeons and cosmetologists reveal the secret of the twins’ mother.

Jennifer Lopez in young

She changes to 8 costumes per concert, not fearing the controversial leopard print, mesh, and rhinestone performs with famous rappers and had full houses. However, parents Jennifer, the housewife Guadeloupe and insurance agent David did not even guess that the second daughter was born will become a world-class star.

J-Lo grew up in a modest family with little income, but the mother tried to instill in her daughter’s refined manners and develop their talents. At the age of five, Jennifer gave dance school and then sent to Catholic school, where the girl sang in the choir.

Young Jennifer Lopez achieved success in singing, but the family opposed a stellar career and represented her daughter as a lawyer. She went on about her parents and entered the Law College, but the dream of the stage did not leave her. In mid-first year training, Jennifer ran away from College and I got myself an in the law firm, and at night moonlighting as a dancer in the club.

She attended auditions and quickly began to sing in musicals, and from there came to the famous choir Golden Musicals of Broadway.

But Jennifer wanted to be more than just in a chorus, so she went to TV and from there she got in a big movie.

Through roles in low-budget films, Lopez got close to a serious film “Selena” – the role of singer Selena brought Jennifer nomination in the “Golden Globe” and subsequent invitations from Directors.

Went up and career of the singer. Her name took the top lines of the charts worldwide and the album has sold an incredible number of copies. Sultry Latin American with an appetizing figure quickly won the hearts of fans and gained the status of a sex symbol.

The figure of Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is one of the most desirable and seductive women in the world. The figure of “hourglass” with voluminous, but elastic buttocks, lush Breasts and a narrow waist drives men crazy and inspires women all over the world to exercise.

Herself J-Lo, apparently not very pleased with the body. When creating a wax figure for the museum Madame Tussauds, she made a scene, demanded to reduce the volume of the thighs and did not believe that the objects of the copy are measured to the millimeter.

However, even the perfect appearance of Jennifer Lopez is often criticized. Fans sometimes say that the proportions of the singer the handiwork of a plastic surgeon, who conducted a breast augmentation and buttocks. However, experts in the field of aesthetic medicine do not confirm these suspicions, because they do not see any traces of breast and buttocks plastics.

Recently, the figure of Jennifer Lopez was again in the spotlight. Fans were horrified by Jennifer’s buttocks in the pictures from the filming of “Second Act”, leaked to the Network. J-Lo does not take this to heart and goes on the red carpet in outfits that demonstrate slender legs and gorgeous hips.

Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery

J-Lo urges women to love themselves for who they are, but she can not accept own imperfections.

Have Jennifer Lopez good natural data. Oval face with triangular chin nobly accepts age. However, the oval over the years has become more clear-cut. J-Lo is clearly regular visits to the beautician.

Most likely, she resorts to hardware rejuvenation and introduces fillers into the zygomatic zone. Over time, this area has not lost volume. Probably to avoid ptosis of the lower part of the face Jennifer Lopez set the threads, and to prevent the formation of wrinkles makes botox shots.

The most serious intervention for Jennifer was rhinoplasty. The plastic surgeon very delicately corrected the wide back of the nose, narrowed the tip and improved the shape.

It should be noted that all procedures are so accurate that they do not distort facial features and retain appearance at the level of the beginning of a career.

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