Zendaya, Before and After

By | February 18, 2022

A Hollywood star with an exotic appearance, Zendaya went to her rather small years a serious way from a girl dancer from Auckland to world recognition. Today, the actress and model adorn the covers of fashion magazines, and the list of her fans is growing every day. However, if you look at the photos taken in her childhood and youth, you can come to the conclusion that the girl made small and neat adjustments to her appearance. We talked to an expert about the alleged plastic surgery of the actress and singer.

Childhood and youth

How did Zendaya become a famous actress? Let’s trace her path to success!

Zendaya moved to Hollywood in 2010 when she was 13 years old. Her parents always supported her, and if for the sake of a career the family had to live in two cities— so be it. Her father dropped out of the school where he worked as a teacher and went with his daughter to auditions. The mother got two jobs to pay for their expenses.

Zendaya is one of the stars of the Disney series for teenagers. The first series in her career was “Shake It Up” for the Disney channel.

Zendaya did not leave the set from morning to night. At the same time, she wanted to study and gain knowledge. When signing another contract, she put such a condition to the producers. As a result, a teacher was hired for her, who accompanied her on the set and on trips, and every free minute they passed the school curriculum in all the main subjects. Zendaya recalled: “I’ve never been so tired, but I got everything I wanted.”

In 2017, Zendaya starred in two films at once: “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “The Greatest Showman”. She stopped being a comedy actress for teenagers and perfectly fit into the film industry.

In 2019, she was offered a role in the TV series “Euphoria”. Zendaya was actively talked about in mid-2019 when the first season of the mega-popular teen TV series “Euphoria” was released. After that, the level of fame and demand for the actress and singer literally skyrocketed.

Plastic surgery

Fans believe that Zendaya resorted to plastic surgery and injections of botox and fillers.

This led to the increased attention of fans to Zendaya: they not only began to scrupulously study the facts from her biography but also literally with a magnifying glass to look at her archival photos. This investigation led them to unequivocal conclusions. So, they noticed that since adolescence, Zendaya’s facial features have undergone some changes. For example, her nose has become narrower and neater, her eyes are wide open, and her lips are plump and outlined.

We decided to show archival and current photos of Zendaya to an expert so that he could guess what beauty manipulations the star has resorted to in recent years.

According to the expert, Zendaya resorted to a number of cosmetic procedures to correct facial features. The expert compiled a list of plastic surgery Zendaya.

The genes provided Zendaya with an exotic appearance. Indeed, this celebrity was lucky with heredity – born in a mixed family from an African-American and a German, she was “doomed” to success because such a “cocktail” of genes usually provides a bright, unforgettable appearance. Of course, with age, the girl has become prettier and changed, especially if you compare her teenage photos and today’s ones. But mostly these changes are related to the natural processes of the body. In addition, do not forget about makeup, with which makeup artists can work real miracles. However, we can assume several manipulations, which the star still resorted to in the cosmetologist’s office.

First of all, I would like to note the injections of botox in the forehead area – this is indicated by the eyebrow line. The eyebrows became more raised, and the look became more open. This is the effect of Botox in this zone.

In addition, we can say about the permanent eyebrow makeup made by the star. Now her eyebrows have a very beautiful shape and a richer color than in her youth.

As for her lips, most likely, we can talk about the introduction of fillers into the lips. Their shape has become more emphasized, and their volume has become more noticeable. But at the same time, everything looks very natural, which corresponds to the trend of naturalness prevailing in the world today.

Did Zendaya have a nose job?

Perhaps most fans of the “Euphoria” star are interested in whether she resorted to surgical correction of the shape of the nose. Our expert came to an unequivocal conclusion: there was rhinoplasty, but it was done very carefully and almost imperceptibly.

By nature, Zendaya has rather wide nose wings. A few years ago, the star resorted to rhinoplasty. So, the wings of the nose have become a little narrower and more elegant, and the shape of the nostrils is smaller and neater.

It is also impossible not to pay attention to the condition of the nasolabial folds. In the photos taken by a girl in her teens, they are clearly visible, especially when she smiles. Given the fact that the actress has lost a lot of weight, it should have only aggravated this feature of the structure of the celebrity’s face. Today we see that the nasolabial folds are almost invisible.

What other beauty manipulations did the star resort to?

Most likely, the doctor has done serious work with Zendaya’s cheekbones. One of the ways to achieve such a result is collagen stimulation.

By the way, Zendaya herself strongly denies any interference with her appearance. The actress even openly opposes the use of various photo editors for image correction, so at the moment we can only speculate on this.

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