Vivica Fox, Before and After

By | March 24, 2023

Famous actress Vivica Fox also subjected her appearance to transformations. Let’s see how she looked in her youth and how her appearance changed after numerous plastic surgeries and cosmetic injections.

Plastic surgery

In the early 1990s, the actress absolutely calmly starred in TV series, appeared on the covers of publications, flashed in the newsreel with her large nose. But then suddenly there was a break in her career, and the woman decides to reshape herself with the help of plastic surgery.

It all starts with rhinoplasty. Vivika had a nose job to narrow the wings of the nose, remove the barely noticeable hump and reduce the tip of the nose.

In the late 2000s, she again goes under the surgeon’s knife to have breast augmentation surgery. Despite the fact that nature has generously rewarded her with big tits.

Since 2008, it has become obvious to everyone that the star is injecting fillers to improve the oval of the face and its visual rejuvenation.

Judging by later photos, an eyebrow lift operation was performed, as well as an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), which lifted the overhanging eyelid and removed fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.

What happened to Vivica Fox’s breasts?

The famous actress Vivica Fox has always been considered a real beauty and regularly got into the lists of the “sexiest in the world”. That’s just the shape of the girl’s breasts did not suit. But it would be better if she didn’t do breast augmentation surgery. Now she is known more as “that actress with ugly breasts”.

Vivica Fox said that plastic surgery is real shit, and now she doesn’t set foot in the clinic. Although she had already done everything that could be done. Vivica Fox underwent breast augmentation surgery, nose job, injections of fillers into lips and cheekbones, botox injections.

And she also got on the lists of victims of plastic surgery.

Strange changes have occurred with Vivica Fox’s breasts after a boob job. The actress, known to the audience for the movie “Kill Bill”, is an extremely self-confident person. Few people will dare to dress up in such a revealing outfit, knowing about their obvious problems with boobs. When breast implants so shamelessly require replacement, it’s worth thinking about more closed dresses.

Her problems are unsightly irregularities around the implant, which doctors call capsular contracture. When a foreign body enters the body, scar tissue, a capsule, forms around it. And if something goes wrong (the surgeon makes a mistake, the patient does not follow the instructions, the body does not react as expected), this shell can begin to condense and contract. The capsule presses on the implant and deforms it. In this case, doctors advise to completely redo all the work of the surgeon, remove the deformed implant, remove the formed scar tissue and form an artificial breast anew.

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