Tyra Banks, Before and After

By | July 19, 2021

Tyra Banks is a role model and an idol of millions of people around the world. Supermodel leads an inspiring Instagram and she honestly told fans about the fake appearance and the help of plastic surgery. Such a statement blew up social networks, she stunned the public.

What plastic surgeries did Tyra Banks do?

The host of the reality show “America’s Next Top Model”, the former supermodel, actress, and singer Tyra Banks herself, like many star African-Americans, did not escape the intervention of plastic surgeons in her own appearance.

Unfortunately, the racial features of the facial structure do not always fit into the standards accepted in Hollywood. The beauty Tyra also decided to follow the standards.


Tyra Banks confesses that she had a nose job in her youth.

The supermodel was the owner of a wide African nose before rhinoplasty, of course, she reduced it, made it more “European”.


Now Tyra is without a single wrinkle and other signs of age on her face. It seems that the model is going to “age beautifully”, so she regularly makes injections of Botox and hyaluronic fillers.


For quite a long time, Tyra Banks was suspected of breast augmentation, but she dispelled doubts by undergoing a breast examination right on the air of a television show.

Tyra admitted that there was a time when she was thinking about breast reduction surgery, but in the end, she never decided on it.

In an interview on CNN, she said that she had a pretty tight modeling career with her big tits. The fact is that her breasts did not meet the model standards at all. But the thought of a surgeon’s scalpel touching her boobs drove her crazy.

Tyra Banks recalls, “When I was a model, I was attracted to participate in the fashion show of Haute Couture Week. Many fashion designers had to tighten my chest with special cross-cross bandages. My bust did not fit into the clothing model. Sometimes I had a really hard time. I was even going to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon, but, to be honest, I was afraid. And all the same, I look with envy at young women who can afford to wear tight-fitting tops without any bras. This is amazing! But I’m still afraid to have a boob job, and suddenly there will be scars?”


Tyra Banks confesses that her luxurious hair is fake.

She said that she uses wigs because her hair is fluffy and does not lend itself to styling. And wigs easily hide all the problems with the hair.

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