Tom Jones, Before and After

By | June 10, 2022

It happens that sometimes a long autumn comes in the life of a star man, which he is ashamed to call the coming old age. And the former conqueror of ladies’s hearts finds nothing better than to turn to a magician with a scalpel in his hands, that is, to a plastic surgeon. The result is mostly known. A completely new person comes out from under the doctor’s knife, whom only his own mother is able to recognize, and then with more careful and careful consideration.

Tom Jones does not hide that his appearance is the merit of plastic surgeons who regularly reshape his face and hairdressers who paint over the solid gray of his hair and beard. But the famous singer was terribly upset – the doctors told him that from now on, the reconstruction of his appearance was over once and for all.

The miner’s son, who was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Elizabeth II for his musical merits, was incredibly happy about this event, which to some extent dispelled the bad mood. Because a little earlier, Sir Tom Jones was stunned by the terrible news: it was time to put an end to the numerous plastic surgeries, after which he looked “handsome”.

This is the verdict of the doctors. And indeed, the face of the British singer looked like a motionless mask painted with cosmetics, on which only the eyes of Tom Jones were alive.


The idol of the youth of the 1960s and 1970s wanted to remain the same handsome man in an open-necked shirt and black leather pants. Makeup artists and hairdressers conjured over his appearance. And then Tom Jones, hoping for a miracle, once again went to the plastic surgeon’s office.

Until the doctors told him that one more session and the famous singer’s face would burst like a soap bubble. It turns out that the aging skin was about to spread out and leave bloody traces. It’s scary to think!

The frightened Sir Tom Jones was forced to abandon the subsequent manipulations with the face and body. Now the legendary musician has no choice but to look “as natural as possible”.

Tom Jones says that this is the saddest thing he has heard in the last many years.

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