Tom Hanks, Before and After

By | January 29, 2023

Let’s see how Tom Hanks looked in his youth and how his appearance has changed now. You can compare his before and after photos.

Tom Hanks in his youth

His career developed very successfully almost from the very beginning. The image of a simple and slightly shy guy, which Tom masterfully embodied in the film, won the hearts of viewers around the world. At that time, Hanks didn’t need to have a Hollywood smile to look more aesthetically pleasing on screen.

Plastic surgery

Tom Hanks himself said that he is making some improvements to his appearance. And experts in the field of plastic surgery expressed their opinion about some transformations in the appearance of Hanks.

Botox, fillers and facelift

Experts believe that cosmetic procedures were carried out, which included injections of botox and fillers. They helped rejuvenate Tom’s face.

In addition, plastic surgeons suggested that Hanks had a facelift. After which he appeared without sagging skin and with a smooth face.

Hair transplantation

Experts believe he probably had a hair transplant. But hair restoration is difficult to confirm if you don’t know the history of Tom’s hair transformation.


In 2006, the film “The Da Vinci Code” was released, where Tom Hanks played the role of Professor Robert Langdon. The new role forced the actor to work on his appearance.

After going to the dentist, the image of the famous actor added solidity and charm. Significant expenses for dental services have paid off in full.

Perhaps it was the actor’s new snow-white smile that so charmed the producers that for participating in the project “Angels & Demons” he was offered at that time a record acting contract in the history of cinema – $ 51 million.

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