Taraji Henson, Before and After

By | April 6, 2023

Taraji Henson was born in Washington (USA), September 11, 1970. She is one of the most popular African-American actresses. Let’s see how she looked in her youth and how her appearance changed after.

Plastic surgery

Taraji Hanson also went to plastic surgeons. The star’s path to perfection was thorny. Taraji underwent rhinoplasty (nose job), unsuccessful breast augmentation surgery and only after repeated breast surgery achieved the result and excellent shape of boobs.

For the first time, the actress turned to specialists for help in 2008. She had a nose job. After rhinoplasty, the thickness of the bridge of the nose changed and the wings of the nose narrowed.

A year later, she decides to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Taraji Hanson has had her implants inserted. But over time it turned out that breast plastic surgery was not entirely successful. Her tits were deformed and her skin sagged. The reasons could be not the competence of the doctor or non-compliance with the rules of the postoperative period.

In 2017, the TV star underwent breast augmentation surgery again.

And, of course, with the approach of the critical mark in 40-45 years, the dark-skinned star began to use injections of botox and fillers. With the help of cosmetic procedures, she eliminated facial wrinkles, made a correction of the oval of the face and the shape of the cheekbones.

She looks great, but even she can have makeup failures. For example, one day she used too much white powder under her eyes, which gave the impression that she had two white bags there.

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