Sydne Rome, Before and After

By | August 7, 2022

American actress Sydne Rome was known all over the world. Toned athletic body, blue eyes and perfect facial features made the girl a star. The desire to remain popular and attract the eyes of millions led Sydne to plastic surgeons.

The actress began her struggle for youth with botox. But that wasn’t enough and, deciding to turn back the clock, the star got carried away with facelifts, which, along with wrinkles, took away Sydne’s charm.

Let’s see what Sydne Rome looked like in her youth and how her appearance changed after numerous plastic surgeries.

Sydne Rome in her youth

The founder of home aerobics was born in 1951 in Ohio. The family of the owner of a huge plastic manufacturing company did not know the need, and as a profession, pretty Sydne chose the acting path.

Her screen debut was in the 1969 film “Some Girls Do”. Soon after, the blue-eyed beauty moved to Italy, where she lives to this day.

The peak of work in cinema was in the 1970s. Rome has played in the films of such famous directors as Roman Polanski, Rene Clement, David Hemmings and others. Since the 1980s, the actress has mainly starred in TV series, and also tried herself as a singer.

When home aerobics programs were gaining popularity, Sydne was one of the first to create her own complex. A girl with an ideal athletic figure recorded exercises to her disco-style songs.

And the star herself became famous and in demand and even starred for Playboy magazine. This blonde was adored by men, and women sought to resemble her.

Because of this famous blonde, actress and fan of a healthy lifestyle, thousands of viewers in the 1980s were late for work. All because it was simply impossible to break away from her morning aerobics. Sydne Rome has changed a lot since then. The desire to preserve youth and beauty with the help of plastic surgery turned into an obsession and problems with the face.

Sydne Rome before and after plastic surgery

Apparently, the fear of losing the love of the public and losing attractiveness led Sydne to plastic surgeons. The star got carried away with transformations of appearance seriously and for a long time.

She began her struggle for youth with regular Botox injections, which soon turned out to be few. They were followed by rejuvenating procedures, and then facelifts. It seemed that Rome just couldn’t stop and made them one by one.

To get rid of excess skin around the eyes, the actress did a rejuvenating blepharoplasty, and also installed an implant in the chin to form a longer neck-chin angle. With the help of fillers, she added volume to the cheekbones, which look disproportionate against the background of other facial features.

However, numerous plastic surgeries aimed at preserving youth and beauty have led to the opposite effect. Sydne was compared to a rubber doll because of the artificial face that was too stretched. Traces of numerous surgical interventions are visible on the once delicate porcelain skin, and the mouth looks unnaturally large.

Because of such metamorphoses, the home fitness star and one of the most beautiful women of the 1980s began to be regularly included in the list of victims of plastic surgery.

Sydne Rome then and now

Today, the actress does not look at all like herself in her youth. Big bottomless eyes turned into narrow slits.

Once harmonious and elegant features look rough and asymmetrical. There are still practically no wrinkles on the face, but this can hardly be considered a worthy payment for the lost beauty.

But the figure of the aerobics fan remained in good condition. It seems that for all the years Sydne has not gained excess weight, and still can afford to wear short tight dresses.

Despite all the changes, Sydne will still be remembered by viewers as a spectacular blonde with an angelic appearance, with whom they enjoyed doing aerobics.

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