Stana Katic, Before and After

By | July 14, 2021

The story of Stana Katic, the star of detectives — is another proof of how plastic surgery can change lives. The career of the actress went up sharply after turning to an aesthetic medicine specialist, and soon pleasant changes in her personal life were not long in coming.

Before plastic surgery

A charismatic girl of Serbian origin planned to become a specialist in international relations. It was this profession that she was getting at the University of Toronto when a friend offered to star in his amateur short film.

The film industry fascinated Stana, and she began to study theater skills, dance, martial arts — all the skills that will be needed to work on future roles.

At the beginning of her career, Stana played in the theater, and made her debut on the screen in the TV series “ER”. The young actress was quickly noticed and began to be invited to action movies and detectives.

Katic’s appearance — expressive eyes, wide eyebrows, and a large nose made her an ideal performer of bold character roles. But the star was not quite satisfied with this state of affairs, and she decided to seriously work on the face.

After plastic surgery

In 2007, the film “Feast of Love” was released, in which Stana played one of the main roles. Fans immediately noticed how the celebrity’s appearance changed, namely her prominent nose.

Did Stana Katic do a nose job?

Large nose, protruding far above the upper lip, with a hump and a pronounced curvature – a characteristic feature of Serbian-Croatian origin.

Katic had a rhinoplasty. She leveled the bridge of the nose and slightly changed the shape of the nose, although it was still far from ideal. It was not possible to solve all the problems in one operation.

But the transformation of appearance did not end there. The star has seriously lost weight, changed her hairstyle and hair color.

A couple of years later, with the help of another operation, the detective star brought her nose to perfection. Its size began to match the rest of the features and made the face very harmonious.

Despite the fact that repeated rhinoplasty is a complex operation that requires the highest skill from the surgeon, the result was worth it.

Less than a year has passed, as there have been significant positive changes both professionally and personally. The movie star felt for herself how plastic surgery changes life.

She was approved for the role of Kate Beckett in “Castle”. For six seasons from 2009 to 2016, the series brought her real fame and gave a lot of fans. For a long time, the girl was credited with an affair with a colleague on the set, Nathan Fillion, so harmoniously and naturally they looked together in the frame.

However, in 2015, the rumors were dispelled by the news of Katic’s marriage. She secretly married business consultant Chris Brkljac in Croatia. Only the closest ones were present at the ceremony, and the journalists learned about the wedding from the official representative of the actress.

In 2016, the Castle project was closed, but the charming Katic was not left without a job.

In 2017, the TV series “Absentia” was released, where the talented star not only played the main role but also acted as an executive producer.

In 2018, Stana Katic celebrated her 40th birthday. The actress looks great and is in excellent physical shape. Horse riding, karate, yoga practice, and playing football help her to keep her figure in good shape.

Behind the success of Stana Katic is a huge continuous work on appearance and professionalism, which is impossible not to admire.

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