Simona Halep, Before and After

By | May 2, 2022

Simona Halep is a famous Romanian tennis player and one of the famous “rackets of Europe”, who successfully manages to achieve incredible results in sports and compete with world champions.

She is also often cited as an example by plastic surgeons, because for a long time she was the owner of a big boob, which she once had to give up for the sake of health, comfort and continuing her sports career.

Simona Halep underwent breast reduction surgery at the age of 18, when she realized that big boob gave her a lot of inconvenience and prevented her from playing tennis comfortably.

How did it all start?

Simona Halep has been playing tennis since childhood and believes that she manages to achieve great success in sports not only thanks to perseverance, but also an unquenchable desire to achieve the best results.

The athlete has always considered her large breast size a serious problem for an active lifestyle.

“Many people are surprised and do not understand how I have suffered for many years. For a long time, my breasts brought me only discomfort. Big breasts are uncomfortable while playing tennis, it prevents me from reacting quickly at the slightest changes on the court, which is essential for a woman who needs to move a lot,” says Simona Halep.

The girl also experienced psychological complexes. A large breast size with small growth does not look very attractive, creates the impression of disproportion.

The press wrote that men come to watch the tournament not for the sake of the game itself, but in order to admire Simona Halep’s big tits. Then the athlete decided that she needed breast reduction surgery.

When was mammoplasty performed?

At the age of 18, Simone successfully underwent surgery, during which excess breast tissue was eliminated. After rehabilitation, the athlete’s breast decreased to the desired size.

Almost immediately after rehabilitation, the girl was able to take part in competitions again, but now her life has changed noticeably. Firstly, the discomfort during the movements has completely disappeared. Secondly, Simona Halep began to feel more confident.

“I didn’t remove my breasts completely. I just reduced boob to the optimal size for sports. Nothing bothers me anymore, I move around the court a lot and at lightning speed,” Simona Halep shares her impressions.

What was the result?

After breast reduction, Simona Halep did not become less feminine. The chest has acquired a neater outline and has already ceased to focus the attention of fans on itself as much as before. The girl feels happy and has been completely immersed in sports for a long time.

Even the tennis player’s coach notes that she did the right thing, because during training and competitions it is very important that the athlete can feel her body. Excessive breast size can slow down the reaction and affect dexterity during the game.

Today, Simona Halep continues to outperform her competitors, wins medals and fights for first places, but at the same time remains attractive to her fans.

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